The Femdex Podcast: Kia Mann


Femdex and PW-Magazine are collaborating on a series of podcasts and interviews to highlight female talent from Vienna and around the globe.

Artist name: Kia Mann
Current residence: Radio Bollwerk
Label/Crew/Projects: STATEMENT/Studio Mondial

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

Mixes do work as time capsules for me. I pack in everything I’m currently playing or listening to. Then, I try to find the connection between the tracks. Some don’t make it in and if I feel something is missing I go through my collection and look for the missing piece. Then I record the mix at home. Sometimes twice, because I get some new ideas while playing. For this mix I needed about a week from choosing the tracks to recording it. It’s a very intuitive process. When I listen to older mixes of mine I’m always thrown back to the point in my life when I recorded it.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band that you fell in love with when you were a kid or a teenager?

I’ve always been interested in music but I wasn’t picky at all as a kid and teenager. I would say I had a very average taste and listened to the stuff that the people I liked listened to. As a kid this could be Britney Spears or Lenny Kravitz, and I had a thing for Usher. Later I hanged out with the rockabillies and punks in the tiny city I used to live in. So, i got into punk. However, I became a Joy Division fangirl as a teenager. It was the first time I felt like I found some music I will still love when I’m grown up.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

Probably, it was Joy Divison and New Order. But I did not even realise it was some kind of electronic music. Way later I had a partner that was into Dubstep and record digging. But I never really felt the Dubstep part. So, I started to dig at the record stores where we hanged out anyways. I remember that I accidentally discovered »Psychotic Photosynthesis« from Omar-S and was blown away. Growing up in a super small city near the alps I’ve had never heard something like this before. So, I started to buy house records but only played them at home where I also learned mixing a bit. Playing in clubs started some years later in Vienna when I gave the first mixtape I made to a friend, and he showed it to some DJ friends of him. They invited me to be a resident at their parties.

Tell us about one of your best, worst, funniest or strangest DJ experiences.

Luckily, I never had really bad ones. It’s always strange to play for empty dance floors, though. My best experience was playing at the parties of the POMERANZE collective which I was part of in Vienna. I had the best and most intense nights then. And last year, I did a warm up for Andy Stott at Montreux Jazz Festival which was super surreal. I felt like this was just too big for me. I was shaking at the stage but somehow made it to the end of the set and when I looked up I saw all that smiling faces. This was a very special night.

Our last featured artist Electric Indigo would like to know: You are part of Statement. as I found out - and I saw something interesting in its description: Loyalty. In what way is loyalty relevant to you or how does it become relevant?

Loyalty means being truthful to others – but also to yourself. It means to stand up for those you care about and to support each other. It becomes relevant especially if one can’t stand up for herself or himself. I guess the word often gets misinterpreted as to follow blindly or not to question. But to me it means to always question and to look closely, to be aware that we live in a complexe world and that humans are contradictory beings – and still to be supportive and present to the ones you care while being also truthful to yourself.

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