The Femdex Podcast: Haskii

Artist name: Haskii
Current residence: Vienna
Label/Crew: None
Profession(s)/Project(s): Designer/Photographer

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

The main focus on the mix at this point is still organic. Since I work full-time as a designer, I spend a lot of time time bound to the computer. My parallel world is soaking in different moods in music and digging through various channels along the way. This results in folders and folders of various sounds I end up somehow deciding to blend together.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band you fell in love with when you were a child or teenager?

As a kid I had a Prodigy phase. But also before there was Queen obsession and as well Ace of Base.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

At very early age I wasn’t really surrounded by like-minded people, so the most important influence to begin with was Umbra, my sister. Then I guess there was a lot of raves and parties and it inevitably wove itself into my curiosity span.

Tell us about one of your best/worst/funniest or weirdest DJ experience.

Worst - anytime someone comes with a music wish. Best - when I played unannounced in a club in Porto. It was one of my first times ever djing and the club was packed. I did have a prepared set but I was terrified. It ended up with the staff of the club persuading me to be a resident.

Favourite BPM:

This feels like asking a designer what’s your favorite radius.

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A great opening track for a DJ set: Most of the times I would begin with something very abstract.

A track that always saves a dance floor:

A guilty pleasure:

Our last featured artist Rugile would like to know which forthcoming music and art festivals you would recommend to see?

It’s hard to keep up but I am looking forward to see Ryoji Ikeda at Festwochen and also some gigs on Hyperreality.

Get in touch with our next artist Serena Butler from Italy. What would you like to know?

Hi, Serena. Where is the best food in your town? Or just a random place you think one should visit.

Curated by Hannah Christ (Minou Oram) and Li Falkensteiner (Misonica)


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