The Femdex Podcast: Agnes Aves

Artist name: Agnes Aves
Current residence: UK
Label/Crew: Resident at LYL Radio
Profession(s)/Project(s): Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Art Director

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

The selection is based mostly on feminine vocals, I ended the mix with a track that has a middle eastern touch for an obvious reason - self expression for women there is still an issue.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band you fell in love with when you were a child or teenager?

Either Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath, but I think it was Pink Floyd’s Echoes, found in my mom’s small collection amongst Duran Duran and other stuff.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

Constanta is a town by the Black Sea, a big town but with little to no culture. I was about 14 or 16 when I started to go out. There were a few kids into music, digging and such. A small scene, let’s say, a small scene split into three groups: metal, hip-hop and electronic. I was in the metal one. The groups didn’t really interact with each other much and if you were from a group and listened to another genre you were considered a poser. Struggling a bit with the ridiculous situation, some friends of mine and I started these nights at the local metal club that was more like a garage (it was actually a garage). We named them ‘System Shutdown’ and played all types of music hoping that it would bring everyone together. It did. Oh and djing was more like having a Winamp playlist flow. From there everything took its natural course, and that is me in a room filled with some goa trippy as fuck shit, on datura seeds, listening to FSOD.

Tell us about one of your best/weirdest/funniest or worst DJ experiences.

My first public experience was about two years ago on a vacation in Berlin. Philip Diep stumbling upon my youtube channel, asked me if I wanna do a one hour show on Berlin Community Radio since I was in town. On my way there, I had this adrenaline rush, a rare feeling that I didn’t have since I was in school up for an exam. When I ended my set and my knees stoped shivering all I could think about was when and where will the next experince be, I was hooked.

Favourite BPM:

I’ll say 80 to 120 for now.

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A great opening track for a DJ set:

A track that always saves a dance floor:

A guilty pleasure:

Our last featured artist Joie De Fille from Vienna would like to know: If you could choose a place or party in Vienna to play, which one would u take?

Not really familiar with the Viennese scene, never visited. So from what little info I’ve got, I’d say Ascending Waves.

Get in touch with our next artist Dalia Ahmed from Vienna. What would you like to know?

Since the previous artist asked me to choose a place or party to play in Vienna and I’m not familiar with the scene, which one would you recommend?

Curated by Hannah Christ (Minou Oram) and Li Falkensteiner (Misonica)


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