A Glimpse of Vienna: Misonica


We know you’ve been waiting for it and here it is: the last episode of A Glimpse of Vienna. This time, we put Misonica in the spotlight.

Misonica is part of for the next edition of the AGOV series. You might have heard of her in the context of the party series Hope X and Utopia 3000 where she played some of her hard-line DJ sets. She’s also part of Femdex, a platform to support women in the electronic music scene. If you don’t know her, it’s about time to check out her skills by listening to her new mix.

For the AGOV recording, Misonica combined various styles to form a new entity. The mix offers a great variety of genres, starting off slowly and experimental. After the first 20 minutes you start to figure out the direction the mix will take until the end. Three quarters into the mix, it climaxes with three intense tracks in a row, only to fade out emotionally in the last quarter.

Text by Florian Stöffelbauer


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