Your Weekly Essentials: September 25 - October 1

Your Weekly Essentials September 26 - October 1
(left) Hostile Architecture I at Super Unusual Being. (right) Unsafe+Sounds Festival.

Essentials September 25 - October 1

Your Weekly Essentials September 26 - October 1
(left) Hostile Architecture I at Super Unusual Being. (right) Unsafe+Sounds Festival.

Tuesday - September 26

#MUSIC Panel Discussion
Several Viennese creatives talk about how to work as a local promoter at Blumenhof.

#MUSIC Curator’s tour
Nicolaus Schafhausen and Juliane Bischoff guide through the exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien.

Wednesday - September 27

#ART robots.txt
As a part of the exhibition during this year’s curated by_vienna festival, actors Mavie Hörbiger and Philipp Hauß read from a selection of texts generated by Deep Learning algorithms and other - historical - text-generating systems at Crone Wien.

Thursday - September 28

#MUSIC Waves Vienna 2017
In autumn Vienna’s most significant clubs, unique off-locations, and the public space will merge into the site of the independent music festival Waves Vienna.

#MUSIC Broken Semantics
In the context of Unsafe+Sounds festival, Swan Meat, GIL, Asfast, In My Talons, Gischt, H_RI, Treibgut, Antonia, and Amen will perform at Arena Wien.

#MUSIC Assassani
Barcelona-based artist and techno composer Victor Dvnkel aka Assassani, Rosa Nebel, Hannah & Schirin, and DJ Warzone will play at Venster99.

Friday - September 29

#COMMUNITY Ping-Pong Championship
1. Österreichische Clubmeisterschaft gathers a lot of Viennese promoters to compete with each other in ping-pong at celeste.

#MUSIC 11 Years of Seayou Records Celebration
It’s The Lipstick On Your Teeth, Ebow, Gaddafi Gals, ANT ANTIC, Das Lunsentrio, and Der traurige Gärtner will perform live at WUK.

#MUSIC Paranoia Picknick
Geier aus Stahl will appear on stage as well as Simon Heidemann & Liederbetätigung All-Stars will spin records at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Blvze and In Dada Social
Jump-starting the club season, Blvze & In Dada Social team up to bring you UK’s fresh face Lokane to fluc + fluc wanne.

#MUSIC Meat Market
DJs P.E.A.R.L., Gerald VDH, and Bort will make you sweat at FLEX.

Saturday - September 30

#MUSIC Hostile Architecture
A night with talk and DJ sets dedicated to mashup tactics and urban space politics at SUB.

#MUSIC Älter
They’re never getting older: DJs Kobermann, Anna Leiser, Slick, Moogle, and Tobias at celeste.

#MUSIC Strom Club
DJ Haus, Amalia, Nico Nesta, and Benedikt will play at Grelle Forelle.

#MUSIC Devoid
Stanislav Tolkachev, Codex Empire, Alpha Tracks, Fingers of God, Misonica, and Inou Ki Endo will close Unsafe+Sounds Festival at Opera Club.

Sunday - October 1

#ART The Big Draw
You can expect a range of workshops and guided tours in the context of the drawing festival at Albertina Museum

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until October 6 Irina Lotarevich at Kevin Space
until October 14 John Kilduff at New Jörg
until October 14 curated by_vienna at 21 galleries
until October 15 How to live together at Kunsthalle Wien
until October 22 Oh… Jakob Lena Knebl at MUMOK
until October 28 Jamie Sneider at Gianni Manhattan
until October 28 ICON at Galerie Krinzinger
until October 29 Fisherspooner at MUMOK
until November 19 Tidalectics at TBA21


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