Your Weekly Essentials: September 11 - 17

Your Weekly Essentials September 11-16
(background) Opening: Jamie Sneider at Gianni Manhattan. (front) Opening: Lilli Thießen at wellwellwell Vienna.

Essentials September 11 - 17

Your Weekly Essentials September 11-16
(background) Opening: Jamie Sneider at Gianni Manhattan. (front) Opening: Lilli Thießen at wellwellwell Vienna.

Tuesday - September 12

#ART Visions of Nature
Opening of the photo exhibition at Kunst Haus Wien.

#ART Good Bye Horses
Opening of the exhibition by Lili Thießen at wellwellwell Vienna.

#ART Bergfahrt für Talfahrt
Opening of the exhibition by Hans Schabus at Büro Weltausstellung.

#ART Lines of Flight
Opening of the exhibition by Alicja Rogalska and Lia Karl at New Jörg.

#MUSIC Fall from Grace
Cut Surface presents live shows by Dazed Pilots and The Gore Gore Boys at Rhiz Vienna.

Wednesday - September 13

#ART It’s Not What it Looks Like
Performance by Sophie Jung in the context of her solo show at Sophie Tappeiner.

#ART Secession Summer Party
Vienna Secession cordially invites to an artist talk with Nicole Eisenmann, three exhibition openings and its (end of) summer party.

#ART In Awe
Opening of the group exhibition with works by Daphne Ahlers, Olga Balema, Jana Euler, Morgan Fisher, Josefin Granqvist, Elisabeth Greinecker, Lena Henke, Laura Hinrichsmeyer, Anna Holtz, Lisa Holzer, Nina Könnemann, Anita Leisz, Michele di Menna, Cecilie Nørgaard, Rosa Rendl, Ulla Rossek, Lilli Thießen, Jan Vorisek and Nicole Wermers at Kunsthalle Exnergasse. In addition Lonely Boys and Michele di Menna will perform live. Don’t miss its after-show party at SUB, too.

Thursday - September 14

#ART curated by_vienna 2017
With exhibitions in 21 galleries, this year’s curated by_vienna gallery festival examines the significance and function of language in contemporary art.

#ART Reform Act
V ARE and Park macht Platz question automatisms and well-trained structures in performances, fine arts and musical experiments.

#MUSIC The Cosmic Serpent
Open-air event with Dieter Flegel at Sigmund-Freud-Park.

#MUSIC Mela & Kometa 
Viennese bands Mela and Kometa will perform at Chelsea.

#MUSIC FunTaxxx
Golden Pudel Club’s Speckman, Gilberto from Isle of Wax will play at Roxy Club.

#MUSIC Oppenheimer MKII
The synthpop duo of Andy Oppenheimer and Mahk Rumbae return to the stage in Vienna at Kramladen.

Friday - September 15

Opening of the exhibition by Jamie Sneider at Gianna Manhattan.

#MUSIC Radio Orange Birthday
Radio Orange celebrates 19 years of independent radio with Amen, Bad&Boujee, and more at celeste.

Vienna’s (outer-)national all female hip-hop show with rap, graffiti, performances, and DJs at fluc.

What else you can do on Friday:
Membrane at AU, Manifest at SASS, and Meuterei at Grelle Forelle.

Saturday - September 16

#MUSIC Utopia 3000
Femdex presents live sets by Bird People and Grebenstein, a performance by Pia Wu and DJ sets by Anna Leiser, Minou Oram, and Olivia at EKH.

Sunday - September 17

#MUSIC Takkiduda
The Japanese multi-instrumental-improvistation-band Takkiduda will perform at AU.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until October 6 Irina Lotarevich at Kevin Space
until October 15 How to live together at Kunsthalle Wien
until October 22 Oh… Jakob Lena Knebl at MUMOK
until October 29 Fisherspooner at MUMOK
until November 19 Tidalectics at TBA21


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