Your Weekly Essentials: September 1 - 3

Your Weekly Essentials September 1 - 3
(left) Curator's tour at Vienna Secession, (right) Attentive practices of thought, love, rage and care at Die Schöne.

Essentials September 1 - 3

Your Weekly Essentials September 1 - 3
(left) Curator's tour at Vienna Secession, (right) Attentive practices of thought, love, rage and care at Die Schöne.

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Friday - September 1

#ART Curator’s tour
…through the current exhibition Slow Graffiti by Alex Da Corte with Jeanette Pacher at Vienna Secession.

#ART Ephemeropteræ
TBA21 presents the sixth edition of its annual spoken-word performance series.

#MUSIC Deep Baked
Don’t miss Xosar live performance at Grelle Forelle.

What else you can do on Friday:
Gravité presents MANE’s album release show at Rhiz Vienna.

Saturday - September 2

#ART Attentive practices of thought, love, rage and care
Opening of the group exhibition with works by Akram Al Halabi, Benedikt Büllingen, Valerie Bosse, Sophia Hatwagner, Sophie Hundbiss, Katrin Kreiner, Christina Kroiss, Aline Sofie Rainer, Georg Reiter, Leonie Schwitalla, Hannah Todt and Marie Willmann at Die Schöne.

#MUSIC Panzerschokolade
Together with Praxis Records, Panzerschokolade presents a vast number of DJs such as Prole Sector, Christoph Fringeli, Zombieflesheater and Lynx at EKH. Come early, lecture starts at 8 p.m. sharp!

#MUSIC Schere Stein Papier
Voodoo Kitchen presents an indoor/outdoor night with DJ Moe, Konstantin Heidler and Lea Lust at fluc + fluc wanne.

#MUSIC Funkroom
Don’t miss Aux88’s documentary screening and live performance at Grelle Forelle.

Sunday - September 3

#ART Mirage II
One day group exhibition with works by Minda Andrén, Jennifer Gelardo, Parastu Gharabaghi, Benjamin Grodin, Richard Ess & Leslie Bauer, Sonia Leimer, Feidhlim McConigly + Ismini Adami, Christoph Meier, Sarah Mosca, Flavio Palasciano, Ivan Pérard, Nora Severios and Alexander Jackson Wyatt at Alte Donau.

#ART Closing: Woman & Martin Beck
This is your last chance to visit the two exhibitions “Woman. Feminist Avantgarde of the 1970s from the Sammlung Verbund Collection” and “Martin Beck. rumors and murmurs” at MUMOK.

#CINEMA Only Lovers Left Alive
Open-air screening of the movie by Jim Jarmusch at Der Garten.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until September 3 Alex Da Corte at Secession
until September 9 Otto Zitko at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until September 10 Work it, feel it! at Kunsthalle Wien
until October 15 How to live together at Kunsthalle Wien
until October 22 Oh… Jakob Lena Knebl at MUMOK
until October 29 Fisherspooner at MUMOK
until November 19 Tidalectics at TBA21


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