Your Weekly Essentials: October 23 - 29

Your Weekly Essenials October 23 - 29
Photo by Paul Pieper

Essentials October 23 - 29

Your Weekly Essenials October 23 - 29
Photo by Paul Pieper

Monday - October 23

Simon Mayer’s new play Oh Magic is a live concert by robots and performers, a journey into a world of theatrical and technical magic and a search for the symphonic consonance of performance, dance, music, sound, robotics, light and visual art beyond all genre at brut Wien (TQW, Halle G).

#MUSIC Amp Fiddler
Amp Fiddler is a keyboarder, singer and producer and collaborated with George Clinton, Jamiroquai, Prince, Moodymann and J Dilla. He will play at Kunsthalle Wien.

Tuesday - October 24

#ART Quiet Fonds
Opening of the solo exhibition by Angelika Loderer at Sophie Tappeiner.

#ART If It’s Too Long—Make It Longer
Opening of the exhibition by German artist Thomas Bayrle at MAK.

#ART Transitions
In the framework of a program for international, emerging curators and in collaboration with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Blockfrei is presenting a mutual group exhibition at Krinzinger Projekte.

#ART New Works
Opening of the exhibition by Thea Moeller at LLLLLL.

#ART No Sees
The exhibition closing at Format. strk will be accompanied with performances and sound.

#MUSIC Bussi Baba
It’s the last chance to hear a Minou Oram set in Vienna for a good while, accompanied by DJ Warzone and Ulrich Rois. At Super Unusual Beings.

Wednesday - October 25

#ART Somebody is about to enter
Opening of the exhibition with works by Klára Hosnedlová, Sonia Leimer, and Somebody is About to Enter at Significant Other.

#MUSIC Ashida Park
Hybrid music club: DJs Ink Midget, RUI HO, ISAMA ZING, Antonia, and Amblio will play at Opera Club.

#MUSIC Nodrama
Where strangers meet in the dark. At Wiener Freiheit.

#MUSIC Es geht bergab
Celeste presents Philipp Quehenberger, Tina 303, Anna Leiser, and Tobias.

#MUSIC Tiefentanz
“Gqom music makes you think of fun, nothing else but fun,” DJ Lag told The Wire in January 2017. The South African artist will DJ at Das Werk.

#MUSIC The Future is Female
Hardcore for Losers presents four bands, all grrrls, at Venster 99.

Thursday - October 26

#MUSIC Otto Von Schirach
Hekura Rec presents Jejuno, Jsx, Misonica, AC/Boy, and above-mentioned artist at Super Unusual Beings.

#MUSIC Early Takes
Transformer presents an early evening set by guest DJs yet unheard of at SSTR6.

Friday - October 27

#MUSIC Salto Capitale
Octatanz, Simon Heidemann, and Erdball will DJ at Super Unusual Beings.

#MUSIC From Different Angles
DJs Welia, Balaban, Medallion Man, Vnch Mnscrpt, and Ambient Animal will play at AU.

Saturday - October 28

#ART Minopolis
One day exhibition with works by Moritz Englebert, Babara Hainz, Jonas Justen, Simon Mielke, Felizitas Moroder, Aline Sofie Rainer, Maximilian Schneider, Moritz Simons, Johanna Charlotte Trede, and Patrick Winkler at Hochhaus Neue Donau 4270/25.

#MUSIC Disco Frisco
Franz Scala, Misonica, and Johnny Yen will DJ at celeste.

Cihad Johnson, Failix, Hannah, and Schirin will spin records at Venster 99.

#MUSIC Hertz + Phon
Upstairs: Neubau’s Florian Stöffelbauer and Florian Bocksrucker present Nosedrip at fluc.

#MUSIC Meat Market
Downstairs: Amotik, Matt Mor, and Gerald VDH will stir your blood at fluc wanne.

Sunday - October 29

It’s a lazy sunday afternoon in Vienna.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until October 28 Jamie Sneider at Gianni Manhattan
until October 28 ICON at Galerie Krinzinger
until October 29 Fisherspooner at MUMOK
until November 5 Nicole Eisenman, Toni Schmale, and Chadwick Rantanen at Vienna Secession
until November 19 Tidalectics at TBA21
until December 10 Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme at Kevin Space
until January 14, 2018 Specular Windows at 21er Haus


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