Your Weekly Essentials: November 13 - 19

Your Weekly Essentials November 13 - 19
(left) Opening: Laurids Oder & Jumpei Shimada at Pina. (right) Opening: Rotonda Alte Donau at Tower.

Essentials November 13 - 19

Your Weekly Essentials November 13 - 19
(left) Opening: Laurids Oder & Jumpei Shimada at Pina. (right) Opening: Rotonda Alte Donau at Tower.

Tuesday - November 14

#ART Asia Experience
Opening of the exhibition by Martha Jungwirth and Eva Schlegel at Galerie Krinzinger.

#ART Stomach of the World
Opening of the exhibition by Eva Koťátková at 21er Haus.

#MUSIC Ventil Live
Ventil Records presents an audiovisual show at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Fluctuation
Serbian DJ and producer Neomodern and DJ Moe will spin records at fluc + fluc wanne.

Wednesday - November 15

#ART Rotonda Alte Donau
Opening of the exhibition project by artist Lukas Maria Kaufmann and curator Flora Peyrer-Heimstätt at Tower.

#ART Josip Novosel
Artist Lecture Series Vienna presents the artist Josip Novosel at Skulpturinstitut.

#ART Child
Opening of the exhibition by Maria Grün and Max Berner at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14.

#ART Der Zusammenbruch des Protokolls
Opening of the exhibition by Bianca Pedrina and Markus Zeber at art-space Super.

Thursday - November 16

#ART In Hours
Opening of the exhibition by Laurids Oder and Jumpei Shimada at Pina.

#ART Halluzination, Perspektive, Synthese
Opening of the exhibition by Florian Hecker at Kunsthalle Wien.

#ART An Evening. Chapter 32 & Chandeliers in the Forest
Opening of the exhibitions by R. H. Quaytman and Olga Chernysheva at Vienna Secession.

#ART Flinch not and give not back
A performance will happen at WUK.

Friday - November 17

#ART CV Paintings
Opening of the exhibition by Josip Novosel at Büro Weltausstellung.

#ART How to reinvent the wheel to run yourself over
Opening of the exhibition by Lukas Gritzner, Carolina Laura Rotter, and Laura Hatting at Skulpturinstitut.

#MUSIC Tek Mater
An electronic opera by Monsterfrau and Crystal Distortion at Grelle Forelle.

#MUSIC Service
Aleksa Alaska will play at celeste.

#MUSIC Hekura Connections
Mexico meets Vienna: Daniel Arp, Visions of Lizard, AC/Boy, and Misonica will perform at Super Unusual Beings.

#MUSIC F*cken Plus
Matt Mor, Scirox, and Gerald VdH will DJ at Das Werk.

#MUSIC Common Contact
Celestial Trax, DJ Angel, Gauna, Visitor, and Antonia will play at Club Titanic.

Saturday - November 18

#MUSIC Dives
Dives release their debut mini-album at fluc + fluc wanne.

#MUSIC Florian Hecker
Kunsthalle Wien and Wien Modern present the Austrian premier of Florian Hecker’s text-sound pieces Chimerization (2011/2012) and Synthetic Hinge (2014–2016).

#MUSIC FunTaxxx
Lil Promise, Sofie, Amirxreza, Therese Terror, Cihad Johnson, and many more will DJ at Roxy Club.

Seven years birthday celebration by Mode Talking at Volksgarten.

Sunday - November 19

#MUSIC Rothko Chapel
Morton Feldman’s immersion in the visual world of Mark Rothko is usually performed a long way from Texas. In Vienna, Harry Glück’s church in the housing project Alt-Erlaa is transformed into a lookalike of Rothko’s Chapel for Feldman, Klaus Lang and the Company of Music.

#MUSIC Von himmelblauer Stille, ruhelos
Büro lunaire present imaginary landscapes and pictures, inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Egyptian myths and the double-headed god Janus, and place them in relation to the Nature Histories exhibition at Mumok.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until November 17 Diamonds at Kunstraum am Schauplatz
until November 19 Tidalectics at TBA21
until November 24 Karoline Dausien at New Jörg
until November 25 Angelika Loderer at Sophie Tappeiner
until December 10 Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme at Kevin Space
until December 22 Occupations of Uninhabited Space at Gianni Manhattan
until December 22 Andy Boot at Galerie Emanuel Layr
until January 10 Katja Strunz at Krobath
until January 12 Martin Hotter at Vin Vin
until January 14 Specular Windows at 21er Haus
until January 27 Jürgen Klauke at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK


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