Your Weekly Essentials: July 10 - 16

Essential: A Strange Encounter / Hey You at Kevin Space
A Strange Encounter / Hey You at Kevin Space

Essentials July 10 - 16

Essential: A Strange Encounter / Hey You at Kevin Space
A Strange Encounter / Hey You at Kevin Space

Monday - July 10

#ART A Strange Encounter / Hey you (1)
This series of performances at Kevin Space feels along the contours of social spaces and their strangers to find the gaps and porousness of mis/recognition. In Semiosis Cataracts Kandis Williams creates a space of intimacy between performer and audience and complicity between producer and consumer.

Tuesday - July 11

#ART Sehnsucht Arbeit
Longing for Labor - on the optimization of (wo)man - a series of talks organized by the MAK Future Lab. The event is taking place on the occasion of the Vienna Biennale 2017: Robots. Work. Our Future (21 Jun – 1 Oct 2017).

#ART Blue Bayou
Opening of the exhibition by Nino Sakandelidze and Jürgen Kleft at Kunstraum am Schauplatz.

Thursday - July 13 until Sunday - August 13

#PERFORMANCE ImPulsTanz Festival
One of the largest festivals of contemporary dance and performance worldwide. Each summer, thousands of dancers, choreographers and artists from all over the world come together in Vienna, work together for five weeks and celebrate contemporary dance.

Thursday - July 13

#ART Complexity, Contradiction and a Decorated Shed
Inaugural exhibition of Significant Other with works by Josef Dabernig, Aleksandra Vajd and Jimena Mendoza.

#MUSIC Entkunstung
Deniz Altun live, DJs Erdem Tunakan, Christopher Schweiger and Adorno at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Parken
Adventurous music in public space at Sigmund Freud Park. This year’s third installment features Asfast and DJs Nomad and Tabor S.

#MUSIC ImPulsTanz festival lounge Opening
Kick-off night featuring Mavi Phoenix live and Alex The Flipper as well as Sweet Heat DJ Team at Burgtheater.

What else can you do on Thursday:
Artists guide through the exhibition ich weiß nicht at MAK.

Friday - July 14

#ART Cin Cin, Gelatin
Only in good weather: Dive into Gelatin’s installation Weltwunder at 21er Haus.

#MUSIC Walden
One-day open-air festival nearby Vienna with Düsseldorf’s and Vienna’s (i.a.) finest Africaine 808, André Pahl, Anna Maria Stahl, Armin Schmelz, Forne, Giuseppe Leonardi, Wolf Müller, Julian Horn, Lucas Croon, Marc Graebnor, Mike Burns, Nomad, Simon Riegler and Walter Daniel. It’s definitely a must go, if you dig African-, disco-, and electronic music vibes  - unfortunately without any female DJ (boys, it’s 2017).

#MUSIC Subcultures Under Pressure
Panel discussion about strategies for achieving more diversity in booking (see above) at AU. After-party with Unprofessional, Chaosdroid, Kisling, Radio Maria, Missus, Mo Chan & Jukebox Utopia, Mila Chiral, Antonia, Joie de Fille and Džana Futti & Mrs. Pinkeyes.

What else can you do on Friday:
Ephemeropteræ [spoken-word performance series]: Florian Hecker at TBA21, Raving Iran [screening] at Filmcasino and Le Mepris at Kino am Dach [open-air cinema].

Saturday - July 15

#SPORTS Ping Pong Championship
Viennese promoters, club collectives and creative industrialists compete in a ping-pong tournament at Volksgarten Pavillon.

#MUSIC Vague & Sluff
A sound for dreamers. Two concerts by Vienna-based bands at Chelsea.

Sunday - July 16

#ART ich geh hier nur / ich geh, hier nur
An exhibition by Johanna Charlotte Trede at Heumühlgasse 11.

#ART A Strange Encounter / Hey you (2)
Second installment of Kevin Space’s performance series. Common ID by Lydia Ourahmane & Lias Kaci Saoudi: A stark chorus of sound and voices fills the space. A central figure depicts a cross-contamination of voices emerging from contemporary landscapes of social conflict.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until July 22 Karine Fauchard at Vin Vin
until July 23 In Case of Doubt at Pina
until July 29 To figure it out at Sophie Tappeiner
until July 29 Benjamin Hirte at Galerie Emanuel Layr
until July 29 Jonny Nische & Minda Andrén at Zeller Van Almsick
until August 27 Maria Lassnig at Albertina
until September 3 Alex Da Corte at Secession
until September 9 Otto Zitko at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until September 10 Work it, feel it! at Kunsthalle Wien
until October 15 How to live together at Kunsthalle Wien
until October 22 Oh… Jakob Lena Knebl at MUMOK
until October 29 Fisherspooner at MUMOK
until November 19 Tidalectics at TBA21


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