Your Weekly Essentials: Christmas Break and New Year’s Eve Special

Your Weekly Essentials Christmas Break and New Year's Eve Special
(left) Meat Market & Mutter : Happy New Year at fluc + fluc wanne. (right) Sama Recordings: Mutable Traits at Elektro Gönner.

Essentials Christmas Break and New Year’s Eve Special

Your Weekly Essentials Christmas Break and New Year's Eve Special
(left) Meat Market & Mutter : Happy New Year at fluc + fluc wanne. (right) Sama Recordings: Mutable Traits at Elektro Gönner.

December 18 - 24

#MUSIC 360° on Tuesday - December 19
Disorder celebrates its first birthday with Fugal, Maelanin, Zrn, Adorno, Specific Objects, Broken Sight, Portrait of a Criminal Mind, and Leclerc at Das Werk.

#MUSIC Azephal+Aleph on Wednesday - December 20
Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and performance artist Áine O’Dwyer will play at Alte Schmiede.

#MUSIC Boy Jürgens aus Wien on Wednesday - December 20
The three musicians Voodoo Jürgens, The Nino from Vienna, and Worried Boy were merged into one. Boy Jürgens aus Wien and support act Alicia Edelweiss will play at Sargfabrik.

#ART Have the guts to spit it out on Thursday - December 21
Closing of the exhibition by Aline Sofie Rainer and Johanna Charlotte Trede at foundation.

#MUSIC Noize R Us on Thursday - December 21
An electronic-acoustic improvisation happening and a walk-in installation with Guido Spannocchi, Tominik Draun, Jakob Schneidewind, Alexander Yannilos, Kay Elizabeth, Stefan Galler, and Setzkasten Wien at Das Werk.

#MUSIC Schmusesalon on Thursday - December 21
Yaman, OG Schaum, and Sebbele will bring you into a romantic pre-Christmas mood at Elektro Gönner.

#MUSIC A Festivus For The Rest Of Us on Thursday - December 21
Watch the likeable celeste crew get drunk and listen to music of Fingers of God, Tobias, Simoncello, Whitest Arab Alive, Jay Smoo, Shit Vicious, and El Capitano.

#MUSIC Entkunstung on Friday - December 22
Grace Schella, Lumplecker, Christopher Schweiger, and V. Peters will spin records at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Membrane on Friday - December 22
Failix, Leclerc, Power, and Ulrich Rois will play at AU.

#MUSIC Meat Market on Friday - December 22
This night with Lewis Fautzti, Gerald VDH, and Scirox will be the last Flex-Meat-Market for a long time.

#MUSIC Xoxo on Friday - December 22
Do not miss the DJ and live sets by Electric Indigo & Amina, Eizi Ho0, Ulrich Rois, and Evren da Conceição at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC X on Sunday - December 24
As holy as it gets: Armin Schmelz, Robert Schwarz & Annie High, Bernhard Tobola, and Simon Riegler will play at Super Unusual Beings.

#MUSIC Acid Bells on Sunday - December 24
Sweeter the bells never sound: Walter Daniel and Paul Uhlmann will DJ at Elektro Gönner.

December 25 - New Year’s Eve

#MUSIC Mutable Traits on Monday - December 25
All you need for Christmas: ErrorDrive, Ambient Animal, and Murphy740 will play at Elektro Gönner.

#MUSIC Obscene Tapes on Tuesday - December 26
On the occasion of Random Obscenities’ first tape release, Új Bála, Bonime, ErrorDrive, Bankz int., Ulrich Rois, Aeolic, and OGUZ will DJ at Grelle Forelle.

#NYE 2018 on Sunday - December 31
If you prefer New Year’s Eve in a living room, celeste is your choice: Anna Leiser, Armin Schmelz, Fingers Of God, Fritz Plöckinger, Jay Smoo, Roman Rauch, Tobias, and Walter Daniel will get you in the right mood.

#NYE Happy New Year on Sunday - December 31
This party offers a harder version of New Year’s Eve: Meat Market & Mutter present Morbeck, Matt Mor, Gerald VDH, Chris Klein, Kurt Steinwald, Kobermann, Marc Graebnor, and Bort at fluc + fluc wanne.

#NYE Scheitern on Sunday - December 31
At this party all good intentions will be blown into the wind. For the very last time, Scheitern invites you to the first district of Vienna to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you: Aziz Light, DJWarzone, Giorio, Jeanne, MCMLXXXV, Ulrich Rois & Terror, and Welia will DJ at Opera Club,.

#NYE Castle in the Air on Sunday - December 31
Café & Schloss Cobenzl invited innumerable amount of DJs to play at its New Year’s Eve party: E.g. Bobbie*, Giegling’s Elli, Paul Uhlmann, Misonica, DJ Moe, Giuseppe Leonardi and many more.

#NYE Sturz Gala on Sunday - December 31
As usual, the Grelle Forelle won’t let you down on New Year’s Eve.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until December 22 Occupations of Uninhabited Space at Gianni Manhattan
until December 22 Andy Boot at Galerie Emanuel Layr
until January 10 Katja Strunz at Krobath
until January 12 Martin Hotter at Vin Vin
until January 13 Talisa Lallai & Markus Saile at Galerie Nathalie Halgand
until January 14 Specular Windows at 21er Haus
until January 20 Layet Johnson at Pina
until January 27 Jürgen Klauke at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK


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