The Ultimate Guide to curated by_vienna 2017 The Ultimate Guide to curated by_vienna 2017
(left) Cally Spooner, Early research: method #1 (The mind is king and the body is dehydrated). Photo by Mark Menjivar. (right) Paul Sochacki & Raphaela Vogel, Don't choke on your question marks. Courtesy of the artists.

The Ultimate Guide to »Curated By« 2017

September 11, 2017
Text by Editorial Team
The Ultimate Guide to curated by_vienna 2017
(left) Cally Spooner, Early research: method #1 (The mind is king and the body is dehydrated). Photo by Mark Menjivar. (right) Paul Sochacki & Raphaela Vogel, Don't choke on your question marks. Courtesy of the artists.

With exhibitions in 21 galleries, this year’s »curated by« gallery festival examines the significance and function of language in contemporary art.

The festival »curated by« is dedicated to a specific theme finding its multifaceted expression in the individual exhibitions of the participating galleries. It is taking place at 21 galleries across Austria’s capitol opening September 14 and running to October 14. The festival‘s title »image/reads/text« spans a broad range of associations and moves along the intersections between language and art. A significant part of the festivals is its accompanying programme which offers readings, talks, film screenings, performances and musical events. With 21 exhibitions and more than 30 items on the agenda, it’s hard to stay on top of things. To provide you with a better overview, we present our 5 must-see shows and 5 must-go events:


Croy Nielsen: curated by_ Laura McLean-Ferris

The Forecast. Using a future tense, the exhibition explores the atmospheres of the shared, public spaces that created by language, can be registered like rain on skin, the disorientation of fog, or a warmth of clarity. With works by: Rosa Aiello, Irena Haiduk, Dom Sylvester Houédard, Nancy Lupo, Mandla Reuter, Rachel Rose, Cally Spooner and Studio for Propositional Cinema.

Galerie Nathalie Halgand: curated by_Samuel Leuenberger

Home is so fucking complicated. The group exhibition looks at ideas of home as a linguistic construct. Drawn from life, memory and imagination, the shown works reflect a variety of physical and psychological narratives that disentangle notions of home as a site of shelter or a place to escape from. With works by: Ethan Hayes-Chute, Pilar Quinteros, Stéphanie Saadé and James Webb.

Galerie Emanuel Layr: curated by_Béatrice Gross

Threads Left Dangling, Veiled in Ink. Interwoven narratives create intriguing palimpsests of images and texts combined. With works by: Erica Baum, Julien Bismuth, Marcelline Delbecq, Ellie Ga, Gina Pane, Slavs and Tatars and Robert Stadler.

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman: curated by_ Johannes Wohnseifer

Made of Using Found Images. Johannes Wohnseifer has his latest pictures, objects and text works enter into dialogue with the works of artist friends. With works by: Alexandra Bircken, Thomas Brinkmann, Albrecht Fuchs and Johannes Wohnseifer.

unttld contemporary: curated by_ MÉLANGE (Patrick C. Haas & Jonas Schenk)

Mother’s Tongue and Father’s Mouth. Every artist develops their own reference system of language. To understand works of art as the instruments of language used by artists means to interpret them as means for communicating with the world and the self. With works by: Lina Hermsdorf, Karl Holmquvist, Daniel Keller, Klaus Lutz, Paul Sochacki and Raphaela Vogel.


Friday - September 15

Talk & Performance: Deep Shit - Paradigms, Politics and Paranoia of Machine Intelligence
Curator Paul Feigelfeld discusses issues of media theory, artistic practice and the technological condition in its political, economic, martial and critical dimension. In this context, Constant Dullaart will introduce the public to the workings of his deep learning algorithms and Julian Oliver will launch the Deep Sweep High Altitude Signal Research Balloon.

Performance & Filmscreening
Performance by artist Anna Franceschini at Top Kino and screening of the film Monelle by artist Diego Marcon on the occasion of the exhibition Live End Dream No curated by Eva Fabbris for Galerie Steinek.

Friday - September 22

curated by_vienna Night
On the occasion of the international art fair viennacontemporary the participating galleries of curated by_vienna are open until 9 p.m. In addition, three guided gallery tours will take place and will provide visitors with background knowledge on the exhibitions, the galleries and the curators.

Wednesday - September 27

Reading & Performance: Robots.txt – Die Sprache der Maschinen
Actors Mavie Hörbiger and Philipp Hauß read a selection of texts created by Deep Learning algorithms and other - partly historical - language-generating machines.

Friday - October 10

Music: Klick & Cut by Thomas Brinkmann
Concert by German artist Thomas Brinkmann on the occasion of the exhibition curated by Johannes Wohnseifer.

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