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The Ultimate Guide to Hyperreality Festival

May 24, 2017
Text by Editorial Team
Hyperreality Festival

The premiere of Vienna’s new multi-disciplinary super-festival for club culture is here! Hyperreality will open the doors to its unique festival location today, May 24. We guide you through the massive programme.

Wednesday - May 24

Sonata In Ш | 21:30 | Ballsaal

Opening: Sonata In Ш is a piece conceived by composer Jung An Tagen, Australian violist Battle-ax, artist and designer Haskii, and video collective Der Kleine Kreis.

Carla del Forno | 21:30 (and Friday 23:00) | Stall

Carla dal Forno is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia who currently lives in Berlin. Her latest album was released in 2016 on the British Blackest Ever Black label. She emphasizes the distinctive quality of her voice, which, together with electronic and acoustic instruments, is woven into timeless, melancholy songs.

Príncipe Showcase | 21:00 - end | Westsaal

Showcase of Lisabon’s flagship label, famous for its unique sound of Batida, Kuduro, and Kizomba, merge with modern house and techno productions in a wild unity. With Nidia Minaj, DJ Nigga Fox and many more!

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Ballsaal: 21:30 Sonata In Ш, 22:30 Holly Herndon, 0:00 Battle-ax
Stall: 21:30 Carla del Forno, 22:45 Sky H1, 0:45 Asfast, 2:30 CEM
Westsaal: 21:00 - end Príncipe Showcase, 2:00 Nidia Minaj, 03:30 DJ Nigga Fox

Thursday - May 25

Ancient Methods | 01:00 | Ballsaal

Ancient Methods’ dark electronic hybrids, reminiscent of early EBM, New Wave and Industrial, cannot and will not deny its origins in sweaty basement parties and dark, strobe-lit warehouses.

Paula Temple | 02:00 | Ballsaal

The starting shot for the recording career of the British DJ producer Paula Temple was fired in 2002, with her material on the EP Speck Of The Future. Since this time, she has been part of an exclusive, internationally-active techno-avant-garde circle, and regularly uses recordings of Techno bastions like Tresor, Berghain, and Fabric in her hybrid DJ / live concept.

Balacore Showcase | 21:00 - end | Stall

Two of these days hottest labels and collectives, Staycore and Bala Club, join forces for this unique showcase. The labels unite some of the most compelling protagonists in a globally interconnected, Internet-oriented lab environment – a synonym for a digital Fourth World Sound, where Latin rhythms are strung together with trance, autotune rap, and dancehall, deconstructing famous pop melodies. With Toxe, Endgame, Dinamarca and many more!

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Ballsaal: 23:00 Tony Renaissance, 01:00 Ancient Methods, 02:00 Paula Temple
Stall: 21:00 Balacore Showcase, 0:00 Endgame, 1:00 Mechatok, 2:00 Toxe, 4:00 Alx9696 open Amen

Friday - May 26

Amnesia Scanner | 22:00 | Ballsaal

Amnesia Scanner transforms the Schloss Neugebaeude’s cavernous Ballsaal space into a distilled, high-intensity version of the present: a »new normal state« of multiplying exceptions and emergencies. AS Sirens > Securitaz is both a performative space itself as well as the backdrop for performances by amongst others Pan Daijing, Fauna, Forever Traxx, Oklou, Vincent De Belleval and PWR Studio.

Oklou | tba. | Ballsaal

The music of the French producer and singer Oklou is a contemporary mixture of modern R&B and volatile club tracks, which merge into a contemporary variant of a minimal, melodic synth-pop. In her ephemeral performances, Oklou creates subtle soundscapes with her laptop, synthesizer, and drum machines, on which she superimposes her own voice, modified by Auto-Tune.

NON Showcase | 22:00 - end | Westsaal

NON explicitly focuses on producers from Africa and those with direct African roots in their vision of placing a new perspective on a strongly restricted, Eurocentric view of electronic dance and experimental music. With Juliana Huxtable, Angel-Ho, Chino Amobi and many more!

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Ballsaal: 22:00 - end Amnesia Scanner, Oklou, Forever Traxx, Pan Daijing, …
Stall: 22:00 Jung An Tagen, 23:00 Carla dal Forno, 2:30 Dr. Rubinstein
Westsaal: 2:00 Angel-Ho, 3:00 Juliana Huxtable

Saturday - May 27

Princess Nokia | 01:45 | Ballsaal

Inspired by artists such as James Baldwin and Angela Davis, Princess Nokia’s identity as an Afro-Latina is an essential theme of her work. In addition to socio-political statements, her voice is a powerful sign in many respects: for a strong positioning of women in the male-dominated hip-hop and music scene, for a new image of women and free gender identities, for diverse body images, and simply for empowerment.

Visible Cloaks x Brenny Murphy | 02:00 | Stall

Visible Cloaks is the ambient sound project of the two musicians from Portland, USA – Ryan Carlile and Spencer D. The new album on RVNG Intl. was created together with the artist Brenna Murphy. In this collaboration, the sound universe of Visible Cloaks expands to a virtual 3D world, enriched by midi input data of the tracks. An augmented reality trip into liquid sounds, which can be experienced in this form in one of the first live shows on the new LP at Hyperreality.

GHE20GOTH1K Showcase | 22:00 - end | Westsaal

This special showcase features performances by artists such as Fatima al Qadiri, Lotic, Total Freedom and many more!

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Ballsaal: 1:15 Klitclique x Fauna, 1:45 Princess Nokia, 2:45 Gnucci
Stall: 2:00 Visible Cloaks x Brenna Murphy, 3:00 Wien Diesel
Westsaal: 22:00 - end GHE20GOTH1K Showcase

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