The Femdex Podcast: Virtual Geisha


Femdex and PW-Magazine cooperate for a series of podcasts to highlight female talent from Vienna and around the globe.

Artist: Virtual Geisha
Current residence: Cracow
Label/Crew: Trips for The Lonely Hearted
Profession(s)/Project(s): Copywriter

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

It’s a sequence of tracks which I recorded one morning when I got back home after Thursday party on Unsound Festival. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to record a mix. First idea was to do pure Electro mix, but I went with the flow and what we hear now is not only Electro. It’s rather eclectic. I recorded it in one take. I was in a party mood, so I’d say this is quite a fast club mix -good for cleaning your home or driving a car.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band you fell in love with when you were a child or teenager?

First song – Janis Joplin “Piece of my heart”. I was crazy about Woodstock artists. I would like that Joe Cocker’s “With a little help from my friends” will be played at my funeral. Michael Jackson was another artist I was totally crazy about. I think I had almost all his (then) cassettes.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

Yeah, I was doing theatre for almost 8 years of my life and until I was 27 I hadn’t been into electronic music too much. But one day, after one opening at the theatre in 2013, we went with my friends to Unsound Festival. We got there, I was on mushrooms, Galcher Lustwerk from White Materials Records was playing and I just got crazy about electronic music. This is how it started.

Tell us one of your worst DJ experiences.

Well, it was maybe a third party I played and the DJ booth was placed so high, that basically I had to have my hands in front of my eyes! My friend who was throwing this party brought me a box to stand on, but I couldn’t play anyway, because I was asking myself all the time “will I fall down?”.

Tell us one of your best DJ experiences.

I believe that all my DJ experiences are the best. Maybe there were a couple of gigs when I felt not that comfy, but I just love to share the music with people and it always makes me very happy to do it, no matter if it super crowdy or there are only 4 people at the dance floor.

Favourite BPM.

There is none, it depends on my mood at the party.

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A great opening track for a DJ set: Jasss “Every Single Fish In The Pond” I’m crazy about this artist for quite some time, but it would be for an early set.

There are so many great tracks for opening – choosing the one which will open the set/ mix is one of the greatest pleasures for me!

A track that always saves a dance floor: DJ Nephil “Bipolar Disorder”. I love this percussion! I love what he is doing and what he’s releasing on his label “Gravitational Waves”.

A guilty pleasure:

Our last featured artist Polyxene from Vienna would like to know what your first record ever bought was?

I have bought some records in Japan, but mostly they were gifts for my friends, so MY first record was the first compilation of various artist on Terminal Operations. I bought it in Otaku store in Hamburg. I love this shop and I love this compilation.

Get in touch with our next artist Welia from Vienna. What would you like to ask her?

What is a great track to play after a long closing set in the morning hours?

Curated by Li Falkensteiner and Hannah Christ


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