The Femdex Podcast: Lucia

Artist: Lucia
Current residence: Vienna
Label/Crew: Better Days
Profession(s)/Project(s): Student

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

In this time of the year it’s hard to tell if it is still dark or it has already got dark and all the consequences so I guess it is somehow reflected in the mix.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band you fell in love with when you were a child or teenager?

Childhood favorite: Strelki-Ti Brosil Menya. Such an earworm, I couldn’t stop singing it when I was around 5. I was born/grew up in Russia so Russian chart music of the late 90s filled my young curly head. In my early school years, we got cable TV, so the first thing I did when I came home after school was turning on the TV and jumping between music channels looking for things to listen to: MTV, Russian MuzTV, French MCM, Bridge TV and etc. Oh, and my teenage heart goes to NOFX.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

I think it was video game soundtracks. When I was 10-11, I got my first PC and played Need for Speed a lot. I enjoyed the racing soundtrack, which featured the Crystal Method, Junkie XL and etc. They also had some “hardcore” music in the game that I liked. I think I got to know about the Chemical Brothers around this time too.

Tell us about one of your worst DJ experiences.

I played “Pump up the Jam” at Das Werk in the middle of the set and people thought I am clearing the dance floor and left.

Tell us about one of your best DJ experiences.

I started DJing less than a year ago or so and I have greatly enjoyed playing at different venues. I was glad to be hosting an opening slot at TDDT in summer, the weather was “meeh”, it was early and it hasn’t got crowded yet. I was playing a Persian song I really like when security rushed to me yelling something with a phone in front of him. He got closer to the speaker and just held his phone in its direction. I later got to know he was from Iran and called his wife to let her hear someone actually plays her admired singer’s song on a festival. made my day.

Favourite BPM.


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A great opening track for a DJ set:

A track that always saves a dance floor:

A guilty pleasure:

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