Premiere: »Various Artists 1« on Dawn Records

Dawn Records Various Artists 1
Artwork by Florent Hadjinazarian. Photos by Leila Richou

PW-Magazine features the premiere of the tape release “Various 1” on French label Dawn Records. We think it’s absolutely worth listening to!

The upcoming Dawn Records’ tape release is a compilation that presents a bunch of newcomers. It offers a wide look on what has been cooking during the label’s virtual silence for the past months.

From French trap to UK bleep heritage, abstract drum ‘n’ bass to ghetto house on codeine - the tape is a celebration of what Internet culture has to offer. The selection doesn’t question whether it is lo-fi or hi-fi.
Ohso, based in England, brings two tracks to the release: “Something Over” and “Isolate”. They are two introspective and dubby pieces with an urban atmosphere. Ohso’s contributions give a first glimpse of the upcoming EP on the label. The same applies to Crave, an artist from Paris who composed the heavily saturated trap beast “D’you Wanna?”. He will soon deliver more tracks under his alias Lieu Noir.

Now, let’s finally talk about the label-honcho Hajj and his track “4 The Zdryeur”. It’s an insane roller coaster paying tribute to the label’s most revered entity: the zdry (there’s a complex drug reference behind it).

The tape’s purpose is to focus on other fresh producers from different places acround the world and to offer different perspectives on what can be electronic and danceable. Melancholia, violence, or happier and epic weird anthems (“Replicants” by promising artist So Track), everything fits on this tape. As suggested by the artwork created by Leila Richou Atlassy, a bright and shiny future is coming up for the Dawn Records’ catalogue.


I - Yakov/Яков - Panorama
II - Ohso - Something Over
III- Silvia Kastel - Heart To Tape I
IV - V / C T / M - Se Souvient Des Belles Choses
V- Meiha - I Have A Rave
VI - Crave - D’you Wanna?
VII - DJ Loser - δεν εχει τιτλο
VIII- Spanks Feel Good - Untitled V
IX- So track - Wave


X- Pole Emploi - Colonel
XI - Hasra - IV
XII- Hajj - 4 The Zdryeur
XIII- So Track - Replicants
XIV- Ohso - Isolate
XV - - Lmi
XVI- Bergsonist - Lack Of Being
XVII - An Angel - I miss you

Various Artists 1 (DAWNTAPE001), 50 tapes, Release date: February 20, 2017. Buy here.

Text by Antoine Fontaine


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