Premiere: N.A.R.C »Game Bae (Kassett Remix)«

Premiere N.A.R.C. Gamebae Kassett Remix on Inscape
Photo by Gavin Vanaelst

The release’s premiere of Kassett’s remix of N.A.R.C.’s track “Game Bae” is featured by PW-Magazine. We think it’s absolutely worth listening to.

“Infinite Mine” is the newly released debut album by N.A.R.C (New Age Real Change). N.A.R.C is the eclectic Brooklyn-based two-piece of musician, director, and multimedia artist Pepi Ginsberg, with acclaimed producer and composer Martin Crane. The album unravels themes surrounding conflict and dynamics of love, infatuation and everything in between—from the intoxicating climax of a new relationship, to the corruption of love reduced to cruel lust. This experience is one inherently physical, immersed in human sensation.

It’s this physical presence throughout the album that Belgian producer Kassett sought to amplify in his remix for the track “Game Bae”. “I felt like the track has this crazy eerie energy, so I wanted to make it stronger by adding something that allows your body to feel it too, like physically…” The result is an intensely textured sonic experience—relentlessly pushing, pulling, and prodding, while suddenly pausing to gasp for air.

Kassett’s deconstruction of “Game Bae” challenges the entire notion of how a remix functions. The young producer makes this case by mutating NARC’s saccharine vocals into a fatally sharp weapon of percussion. The resulting product anxiously straddles a fine line between calamity and serenity. It’s this conflict, this dynamic which—perhaps, mirrors the story of “Infinite Mine” all too well:


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