Premiere: Mapalma »Bakar« on Ashida Park

Premiere Mapalma Nightcap Ashida Park
Artwork by Flufflord

PW-Magazine features the premiere of the track “Bakar” by Mapalma on Vienna-based label Ashida Park. We think it’s absolutely worth listening to.

In anticipation of releasing her debut EP “Nightcap” on Ashida Park on November 23rd, Zagreb-based Mapalma shares her first track “Bakar”.

The track is characterized by a distinctive melodic synthesizer and exudes a mystical atmosphere. A peek at the track list reveals that the EP consists of four original tracks. One is a feature with Staycore’s Mobilegirl who just released her own critically acclaimed debut EP last week. Mapalma says that “the EP epitomizes a night out. ‘Bakar’ is when you’re preparing to go out, ‘Heating Ocean’ with Mobilegirl is when you are actually at a party, ‘Dare’ is about going home and ‘Nightcap’ is … well nightcap!”.

To celebrate the EP’s release, Ashida Park invited both Mapalma and Mobilegirl to perform DJ-Sets at their forthcoming parties at club Unten in Linz and at club Curtain in Vienna.


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