Hyperreality Announced Lineup and It’s Amazing

Hyperreality 2017
Hyperreality 2017

The Wiener Festwochen’s new festival format Hyperreality announced its lineup yesterday. We’ve gone ahead and taken a closer look at what makes Hyperreality’s program so exciting!

The music festival Hyperreality, curated by Marlene Engel, which intends to make the sociopolitcal dimension of experimental club culture come alive, is one of the new formats of the Wiener Festwochen as of 2017.

Hyperreality schedules four nights of experimental electronic music in the contest of global club cultures. For the festival an even specifically adapted location opens its doors. The background of the festival is the central idea of the club as a place where certain social constraints and mechanisms are overruled and a new society is created. It features artists and projects at the interface of performance, pop and visual art.

Hyperreality’s main focus is to represent the underrepresented in music scene. The club will be defined as a free space of possibilites in which terms such as gender, sexuality and skin colour will be questioned in their socially-predefined binary meaning.

Yesterday the festival announced its line up. We’ve chosen 6 artists who show why the program is so exciting:

1. Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon has consistently explored the interface between theory, fine art, and pop in her performances and releases. For her next album, to be released in 2017, there will be a new live show with Mat Dryhurst, performer Colin Self, and a choir, which will have its world premiere at Hyperreality.

2. Princess Nokia

2016 was the most successful year yet for Princess Nokia. With her LP 1992 she gave an important statement in terms of independent hip-hop. Her voice is a powerful sign in many respects: for a strong positioning of women in the male-dominated hip-hop and music scene, for a new image of women and free gender identities, for diverse body images, and simply for empowerment.

3. Nidia Minaj

Nidia Minaj is part of the Príncipe label located in Lisbon, and at the age of 19 she is one of the youngest members of its collective. Important to Nidia’s sound are the multicultural roots of her family in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, as well as her impressions of the Vale de Amoreira ghetto, where she spent most of her childhood.

4. Toxe

Toxe is one of the central figures of the Stockholm Staycore collective. As a producer, she is closely associated with a loose network of like-minded artists such as KABLAM, Mechatok and mobilegirl. In an interview with The Fader, Toxe tells of her experiences in the music scene: “Men are just so fragile when it comes to their power being questioned…. They’ve always had their privilege, so I guess they’re scared of losing it. When they don’t have that power, all that’s left is just some dude. Maybe they should be scared.”

5. Tropic of Cancer

Influenced by minimalistic synth tracks, dream pop, and psychedelia, Tropic of Cancer creates modern songs whose power shimmer through a brittle surface. Her current EP Stop Suffering has appeared on the much-respected label Blackest Ever Black.

6. OKZharp & Manthe Ribane

OKZharp is the pseudonym of London-based South African musician Gervase Gordon. After a series of releases with the group LV on Hyperdub and Brownswood, Gordon has been working solo with various vocalists since last year - especially with Manthe Ribane, also from South Africa. The first joint publication with Ribane, an artist, model, dancer and singer, is the track Dear Ribane, published on the Dumela 113 EP. In autumn 2016, Tell Your Vision EP followed. Ribane’s voice complements Gordon’s beat structures and gives the functional, Gqom-inspired tracks a depth that allows them to grow beyond the dance floor.

Of course these are not the only great artists on the lineup. Also we’d like to hint to the Vienna-based artists such as Asfast, Battle-ax, Forever Traxx, Jung an Tagen and  KLITCLIQUE x FAUNA. We invite you to go ahead and have a closer look on all the other artists performing at Hyperreality!

HYPERREALITY - Festival for Club Culture by Wiener Festwochen
May 24th - 27th, 2017 in Vienna, Austria

First Announcements:

Alpha Tracks - ALX9696 (Balacore) - Ancient Methods - Angel-Ho (NON) - Asfast - Battle-ax - BLEID (Príncipe) - Carla dal Forno - Chino Amobi (NON) - Dinamarca (Balacore) - Dj-Firmeza (Príncipe) - Dj Nigga Fox (Príncipe) - Dr. Rubinstein - DVA DAMAS - Embaci (NON) - ENDGAME (Balacore) - Equiknoxx Music pres. Bird Sound Power - FAKA (NON) - Forever Traxx - Ghazal (Balacore) - Gnučči - Holly Herndon - Jlin - Juliana Huxtable - Jung an Tagen - Kamixlo (Balacore) - Klein (NON) - KLITCLIQUE x FAUNA - Lakker - Mechatok (Balacore) - Nidia Minaj (Príncipe) - Nkisi (NON) - Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - Princess Nokia - Puto Anderson b2b DJ NinOo (Príncipe) - Rezzett - SCRAAATCH (NON) - SKY H1 - Tomasa del Real - Toxe (Balacore) - Tropic of Cancer - Uli K (Balacore) - Visible Cloaks x Brenna Murphy - Why Be


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