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Photo by Moritz Freudenberg

Better Person and the Return of the Polish Romantics

May 14, 2017
Text by Editorial Team
Better Person
Photo by Moritz Freudenberg

A few weeks ago Better Person crashed on our couch. He played his new song “Zakochany Człowiek” to us and we talked about romance and his artistic practice.

“Zakochany Człowiek” is Berlin-based Better Person’s first single since the EP It’s Only You and marks a crucial shift in his artistic path. Adam Byczkowski (aka Better Person) embraces Franco-Italian 70s and 80s sensibility and breathes new life into the legacy of Polish romantic pop auteurs, such as Beata Kozidrak or Andrzej Zaucha. For the first time ever he sings in his native Polish tongue and reaches unexplored personal and emotional depths.

Who is Better Person?

Better Person is me, Adam Byczkowski. Good evening.

Would you describe yourself as a romantic?

I tend to romantacize many of my memories and events from the past, turn them into statues, ornaments. I often find romance in almost everything around me and it can be a bit much.

On the other hand, in the past year romantic relationships with other humans inspire me in an immediate way but also often make me feel tired and anxious about myself and my independence. That’s why I’ve been trying to avoid those.

Your songs are usually written in English. For your current release you chose to write your song in your native Polish tongue. Why?

After writing the main melody for the song the idea of singing in Polish appeared naturally. To me, personally it gives the song a certain load of importance, weight. I also think that the use of Polish language in this context works really well and makes the track a bit more special. It feels very good to sing in the language of my thoughts and I’m sure that I’ll do it again soon.

When you perform live, it’s just you, your microphone and your phone. Do you (sometimes) feel alone on stage?

My music is written and recorded by me and about me. It’s hard for me to believe that someone could be as committed to performing them on stage on daily basis as I am and it’s crazy to ask someone to do that. This kind of “standing up for my own songs” fully exposed is a part of my idea for the show. Being alone on stage and having all the attention focused on me feels good and pushes me in new directions as a performer both physically and emotionally. I also enjoy travelling by myself and performing just with my Iphone makes all the logistic problems of a touring musician disappear.

You collaborated with Sean Nicholas Savage before in “Can’t Do A Thing (To Stop Me)” and went on tour together. Can we hope for more duets?

Yes, we actually released a cover of Julio Iglesias’ “Moonlight Lady” with a wonderful video by Angus Borsos, not so long ago. Besides that I’m sure that we will record and tour more together over the next 100 years.

Is there any kind of music that you listen to that you think would surprise people?

I don’t think so. I don’t believe in “guilty pleasures” and have no shame as a listener. I find inspiration in many many different musical styles and I hope it shows.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on finishing my new record, trying to use every single free moment I have to spend time on it. There are also a few collaborations with different friends of mine on the way and a music video for “zakochany czlowiek” which I shot with Moritz Freudenberg in Malta.
 Stay tuned!

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