A Glimpse of Vienna: Deflection Pulley


We know you’ve been waiting for it and here it is: the last episode of A Glimpse of Vienna. This time, we put Deflection Pulley in the spotlight.

After a long breather, we are restarting by presenting you the diverse talents of Rosemarie Pilz. You may know her as Deflection Pulley. Since you find her rarely spinning records anywhere, she might actually be the most underrated DJ in Vienna. Lucky for us, we got an exclusive recording in which she serves a very unexpected mix of mostly punk, post-punk and wave: »In Pursuit Of The Thing We Would Have Stayed«. In almost 65 minutes she builds up slowly an intense conglomerate of the genres mentioned above.

Starting off rather quiet, the mix gets more and more drive within the first 15 minutes and keeps its pace throughout the first half. The second half then decelartes to a slower tempo and mood. The goosebump ending is an epic song that makes you rethink the whole recording.

Text by Florian Stöffelbauer


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