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The Ultimate Guide to Unsafe+Sounds Festival

September 16, 2016
Text by Editorial Team

Experimental music and art club festival Unsafe+Sounds is about to open up their third edition. PW-Magazine checked the extensive, diverse program to give an insight into upcoming highlights.

The outstanding long-term city festival Unsafe+Sounds is one of the most exciting and ambitious festivals for experimental club culture and art in Vienna and probably even mid-Europe. From September 18th - 29th live shows, exhibitions, performances and parties will go down at seven venues. With this year’s festival theme “rhythm”, as a connecting pulse that is anchored in human bodies and forms the base to create a greater community, more than 70 artists will participate.

September 18 | Sunday | Rhiz, 21:30

Ø Prologue 


September 19 | Monday | WUK Projektraum, 17:00

Ø Frenzy

Festival opening event with live performances by Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Vom Grill & Jonny Hawaii (aka Dennis Tyfus & Albert Mayr) and Battle-Ax.

Exhibition feat. works by Albert Mayr, Alejandro Del Valle-Latanzio, Benjamin Tomasi, Christian Otto, Christopher Sturmer, Dennis Tyfus, Hanno Schnegg, Johann Lurf, Krafftmalerei, Lukas Marxt, Milica Balubdzic, Patrick Fürli, Philippe Gerlach, Philipp Hanich, Rani Bageria, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson.

September 20 | Tuesday | WUK Projetkraum, 17:00

Ø Autopoiesis

Live shows by BJ Nilsen, Magnetoceptia aka Patrizia Ruthensteiner & Dewi de Vree pres. »Kinematic Loom Of The Orbit« and Burlin Mud’s Metal Mangs.

Exhibition »…and the body, a sole vibration«

September 21 | Wednesday | WUK Projetraum, 18:00, 19:30 & 21:00

Ø De-Tuning

Performance by Paul Philipp Heinze and Magda Tothova (60 min, dt/eng)
feat. Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, Suse Wächter

September 22 | Wednesday | Sigmund Freud Park, 17:00


Live show by Augsburger Messer
DJs Visitor and Bernhard Tobola

September 23 | Friday | Arena, 20:00

Ø Shiftings

2 Floors
Live shows by
The Black Page Orchestra & Stirn Prumzer & Patrik Lechner
Shrack! (Peter Kutin & Stefan Fraunberger & Manuel Riegler & David Schweighart)
S S S S - Four S (Haunter Rec, Hallow Ground, ch)
Opcion (GOD Rec, a)
)))))((((( (Margaret Unknown & Markus Krispel) & Onno Govaert

DJs Nino Stelzl, DJ Warzone, Inou Ki Endo

September 24 | Saturday | celeste, 21:00

Ø Synchro-Mesh

2 floors
Live shows by DNYE, FAUNA, Clemens Jürgens (aka Clemens Denk & Voodoo Jürgens), In My Talons (aka Florian Pfaffenberger), Lonely Boys, Bunny’n’d’Blonds and Superskin. 
DJs DJ Angel and DJ S.P.A.R. (aka Leander Schönweger)

Screening Karin Ferrari »Decoding Katy Perry’s Dark Horse (The Whole Truth)

Zine-Release Ekzem (Digital Stone Age) feat. drawings by Jan Linke, Matthias Widder, Marie Fegerl, David Obenaus, Clemens Denk, Sara Glaxia, Innou Endo, Christopher Sturmer

September 25 | Sunday | Palais des Beaux Arts, 15:00


The SHUSH Choir Seminar with Claire Tolan

Day I: Sunday 25.9. 15:00–19:00 at Palais des Beaux Arts
Day II: Monday 26.9. 18:00–21:00 at mo.ë

September 27 | Tuesday | Schikaneder, 21:00


Silent movie film score

Körkarlen, Regie: Victor Sjöström, 1922, 105 Min, Swedish Intertitles / Engl. Subtitles
After a composition of Cornelius Berkowitz.

September 28 | Wednesday | Gartenbaukino, 21:00


The Vibrant Eye – experimental film program curated by Johann Lurf
with films by Alexandre Larose, Stefan Zlamal, Gert Holthuis, Marsa Abu Galawa, Viktoria Schmid, Nikolaus Eckhard, Björn Kämmerer and Simon Payne.


September 29 | Thursday | fluc, 21:00


Live shows by Aleksi Perälä, Sudden Infant, Sote, Ryo Murakami, ROSA NEBEL, Nachtbote
DJ Hannah

Screening »Signal V« Steffen Levring (dk)
Premiere »Das Fest Der Reichen« by Jung An Tagen & Der Kleine Kreis

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