Premiere: Le Makeup’s EP »Esthe« on Ashida Park

Le Makeup Ashida Parks Esthe
Artwork by Tea Strazicic aka Flufflord (Croatia)

PW-Magazine features the premiere of Le Makeup’s very first EP “Esthe” on Vienna-based label Ashida Park. We think it’s absolutely worth listening to!

Markus Blahus and Antonia Matschnig, both long-serving DJs and promoters in Vienna’s contemporary club music scene, wanted to expand their sphere of action and founded the label Ashida Park in October. Their focus lies on connecting various overlooked experimental dance music producers from smaller cities. They aim to connect producers, artists and people from the East and the West to facilitate new artistic collaborations, create a platform and find their own language to express themselves.

Following its first two releases - Lil Taty’s Marabu EP and the compilation Data Jumble - Ashida Park gives now birth to Le Makeup’s EP “Esthe”:

“With his first EP on Ashida Park, Osaka based Le Makeup manages to add another layer to their Hybrid Club music concept. “Esthe” is defined by highly melodic synths accompanied by repetitive vocal samples that gloomily fade into obscurity. Clearcut drums slice through this wall of sound that tries to offer a retreat from physical existence. A new sense of interconnection is evident through a wide array of emotions and reference points that are unleashed upon listeners. Aiming for a very sinister spot on the dancefloor, the remix by Bristol’s Galtier delivers an entrance theme for the appearance of the true villain.”

Support cultural work and buy the EP on Bandcamp!

Le Makeup was born 1997 and raised in Osaka (Japan). “Esthe” is his first ever release on a label. Galtier released a critically acclaimed EP in August 2016 on Infinite Machine and is known for his versatile and forward thinking approach to club music.


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