Alex Cameron Alex Cameron
Photo by Cara Robbins
Alex Cameron Alex Cameron
Photo by Cara Robbins

Alex Cameron’s Guide to Alex Cameron

July 9, 2016
Text by Christian Glatz
Alex Cameron
Photo by Cara Robbins

Australian musician Alex Cameron is known for his passionated performances. Actually Alex Cameron is a band in combination with saxophonist Roy Molloy. Alex Cameron is also a specialised self-exposer - on stage just as on Internet appearances.

Musicians in general might not be happy about questions about how they started, what their influences are and what’s up next. Indeed it’s unpleasantly obvious but what else to ask someone you don’t know anything about and whose only traces are a mysterious SoundCloud account.

Alex Cameron seems to be tired of these questions as well and created a website to justify himself to the world. On you face an interview policy and frequently asked questions. In order to avoid making embarrassing mistakes like asking for his side project Seekae, I decided to base the article on words by his own account - which might be true or not.

Despite the high amount of information Alex Cameron offers on his website or posts on his Facebook account, I’m getting the sense that his melodramatic but super likeable stories oscillate between facts and fiction…

Alex Cameron
Photo by Cara Robbins

Alex Cameron on watching sports

»I like watching sports. That’s not really something a lot of musicians are into. So I have to find my own crew. We watch all type of sport. I can appreciate the entertainment value in watching a group of steroided up millionaires running at each other full tilt in a game that has certainly been fixed by the mafia. That is entertainment, and that is why I like it.«

Alex Cameron on the Internet

»The Internet is a sham. Pornography is terrifying. Email is a hoax designed to shrink your brain.“

Alex Cameron on portable music devices

»I never heard of any FLAC players. Just these damn iPhones people have these days that play MP3 music and you can send SMS. You want to listen to music in constant anticipation of receiving phone calls and internet invites to pathetic parties? You people are creeps - you got it all wrong.“

Alex Cameron on the music business

»I know how the music biz works inside out. I’ve seen the people on the inside and the poor suckers on the outside. So I’m sorry to break it to you but the whole thing is kaput. You know how many damn labels I sent my record to? At least eight. And not a damn one wanted to release my record. Me? I think it’s the best thing I’ve done ever. Which is why I have decided to allow you to download my first full length debut album for free.“

Finally someone did sign him. On August 5th label Secretly Canadian will release his debut Jumping the Shark on CD, vinyl and cassette. The tracks were recorded at Alex’s studio „The Ken Den“ on synthesizers, drum machines and guitar. In his own words „the record is a story about all which ways you can fail and believe me you are going to one way or the other“.

His first single „She’s Mine“ came into the world two months ago. The music video shows him singing and dancing with bended knees in front and on top of an old-timer. In the background the cloudy skyline glances down distantly at the drama. The music is mildly but straight to the point to attribute Alex’s voice.

»This is not just about me. This is also about my band. My hot band. They are a group of fellers I put together from seeing them at pubs and from online. They are just the best bunch of hard working guys any of you could ask for. And I got a shit hot live set. So here on the website you will also find information on them and how to contact them for work in your own weddings or funeral services after parties/wake.“

Alex Cameron is touring Europe alongside Mac DeMarco right now. You definitely should catch him at WUK on July 9 or at one of his other tour dates.

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