A Glimpse of Vienna: Simon Heidemann


The second edition of A Glimpse Of Vienna features Neubau co-founder and Erdbahnkreuzer host Simon Heidemann. Make sure not to miss it!

The second edition of A Glimpse Of Vienna features Simon Heidemann. Besides co-running the newly founded Viennese imprint Neubau, which popped up only a few months ago with an EP by Berlin based duo Aufgang B including a remix by Düsseldorf’s Salon des Amateurs resident Tolouse Low Trax, he also acts as a promoter together with Bernhard Tobola hosting the monthly Erdbahnkreuzer nights. Erdbahnkreuzer highlighted prestigious names like spAceLex, Phuong-Dan, 33.10.3402, Sacha Mambo and many more.

As a DJ Simon is known for his extraordinary selections in his sets and has blessed us with a wonderful recording of the same. The mix contains around 72 minutes of music with a focus on electronic post punk and new wave with lovely melodies and cranky vocals, before heading to a more experimental and slowed-down side towards the end of the recording. It’s a great collection of his very specific sound taking you out of the average club context.

Make sure not to miss the forthcoming Erdbahnkreuzer parties and Neubau releases, the next event will take place on the 10th of June at Club Titanic with Ron van de Kerkhof from Amsterdam. The second Neubau record will be available from mid-June and can be pre-ordered at Discus Throwers.

Text by Florian Stöffelbauer


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