A Glimpse of Vienna: Bocksrucker


A Glimpse Of Vienna is a new podcast series that aims to highlight the thriving vinyl selectors scene in the Austrian capital. With the progression of the series one will be able to learn about different influences and styles of Vienna’s crate diggers.

We are starting off with Bocksrucker, a true admirer of the vinyl format and member of the Ascending Waves crew, responsible for high quality parties at Vienna’s Grelle Forelle. He has been around the Austrian electronic music scene for quite a while, offering a sophisticated mix with a focus on rather dark slow-mo synths. In this 55 minutes mix you can witness a consistent rise of tension ending at the best possible moment, just when you start thinking you want it to go on forever, Bocksrucker leaves you behind with a positive feeling of incompleteness.

Not only his skills of putting tracks together perfectly but also his production skills can be heard when he will be debuting with his first solo EP on a Viennese imprint later this year. The recording illustrates his unique style, showing that he doesn’t have one major influence and his taste developed since he started collecting records. More information about his debut release will be available soon.

In the meantime, you will find him playing at different venues in Vienna at the end of May e.g. for the second edition of the Ultra High Frequency Festival alongside D.K. (Antinote, L.I.E.S.), Fallbeil (Contort Yourself, Hafenschlamm Rekords) and other local DJs plus Das Techno Cafe at Volksgarten Pavillon with half of the Ascending Waves crew.

Text by Florian Stöffelbauer


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