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Parallel Vienna Gallery Statement Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill Alfredo Barsuglia at Room 602
The Ultimate Virtual Tour through Parallel Vienna 2017
03. Okt 2017

We take you on a virtual tour through Parallel Vienna and present a review of the exhibitions inside the many rooms of Alte Sigmund Freud University.

Mythical Beasts Soft Spots Arena at Foundation Vienna
“Mythical Beasts: Soft Spots Arena” at Foundation Vienna
29. Sep 2017

A formal discussion on representational aesthetics, sensualization of violence, post renaissance sculpture, desire and dispersion at foundation Vienna.

Cyber Corporeality at SCAG Contemporary
“Cyber Corporeality” at SCAG Contemporary
27. Sep 2017

The question curator Sabrina Steinek wants to pose with Cyber Corporeality, is on the meaning of corporeality in the 21st century.

Alison Yip at Gaertnergasse
Alison Yip “Silver Springs” at Gärtnergasse
19. Sep 2017

For artist-run space Gärtnergasse, Alison Veit presents “Silver Springs”, figuring the artist in limbo; one who sidles along hedges in uncertainty.

Alex Da Corte at Vienna Secession
Alex Da Corte “Slow Graffiti” at Vienna Secession
01. Sep 2017

Alex Da Corte turns the gallery space of the Vienna Secession into a kind of fractured cityscape full of dysfunctional objects.

Iceman and Goose Sort in New York
Iceman and Goose
(A Project by SORT in New York)
30. Aug 2017

The exhibition “Iceman and Goose” with works by Katharina Höglinger, Titania Seidl and Kjeld Undseth is a project by SORT in New York.

Zuzanna Bartoszek at Kevin Space
A Strange Encounter / Hey You (3): Zuzanna Bartoszek at Kevin Space
29. Aug 2017

The “Guided Meditations” by Zuzanna Bartoszek are a series of expanded poetry performances that employ intimate confession and self-exposure.

Leah Dixon and Grazyna Roguski at SORT
Leah Dixon and Graźyna Roguski “Counter Parts” at SORT
28. Aug 2017

The artists Leah Dixon and Graźyna Roguski challenge SORT’s ethos by incorporating moving bodies, time based works, and kinetic sculptures.

Gina Fischli at DELF
Gina Fischli
“Molto Suggestivo” at D.E.L.F.
27. Aug 2017

We’re happy to publish the documentation of Gina Fischli’s solo exhibition “Molto Suggestivo” at Vienna-based artist-run space D.E.L.F.