Randy Paulson
“I just wanted to see, if I could do EDM.” – Meet DJ Randy Paulson
08. Sep 2016

DJ Randy Paulson is one of the author’s favourite trance DJs. He met him at the infamous ‘Technoclub’ to get to know the man behind the perfect facade.

Walls & Birds
„So ein Album-Album mit Hits“ – Spaghetti mit Walls & Birds
03. Sep 2016

Walls & Birds haben uns in ihre Neuköllner Küche eingeladen, um über das Touren, den eigenen Anspruch und Wahrnehmungsexperimente zu sprechen.

DJ Nomad
DJ Nomad About African Dance Music in the European Club Scene
26. Aug 2016

DJ Nomad provides an insight into the last 25 years’ development of African music within the electronic music scene in Europe. This is a digger’s paradise!

Aus dem Bauch heraus – Amal Khalaf und Monira al Qadiri in der TBA21
Aus dem Bauch heraus – Amal Khalaf und Monira al Qadiri in der TBA21
24. Aug 2016

Die TBA21 lädt Amal Khalaf und Monira al Qadiri ein, welche mit einer Sound Installation ihre Heimat und die Kunstwelt des Arabischen Golfs erforschen.

Summer at the Zoo - A Festival Diary
Summer at the Zoo – A Festival Diary
20. Aug 2016

When you reach a certain age, the beginning of the festival season arrives together with the question, ‘Am I too old for this?’.

DJ Marfox
Liberating Music from the Ghettos – Meet DJ Marfox
17. Aug 2016

Lisbon’s energetic “new wave” kuduro is taking over the world. We met DJ Marfox, a child of the early hours and one of the most famous of this movement.

Chris Haring ImPulsTanz Festival
What you’re watching at? Do you like it? – Chris Haring / Liquid Loft
16. Aug 2016

Fühlender Film: Chris Haring schafft den Bühnenraum ab und füllt ihn mit Kamera und Leinwand, doch wer beobachtet hier wen?

“Give the People Something Crazy, Loving and Brutal!” – Ho99o9
10. Aug 2016

Ho99o9 give mind-opening answers on how to become a movement for freaks, how their ideal movie script looks like and how to entertain an audience.

Techno’s Punky Kid: Berceuse Heroique’s Kemal
06. Aug 2016

Kemal worships chaos and craziness: When we convinced him to do one of his rare interviews, he encourages us to embrace our inner freak again.