Premiere Fvbio Mapalma Ashida Park
Premiere: FVBIO – 3310 Riddim (Mapalma Refix) on Ashida Park

We feature the premiere of Mapalma’s refix of FVBIO’s track “3310 Riddim” on Vienna-based label Ashida Park. We think it’s absolutely worth listening to.

24. Jun 2017
Amazing Girls It's Complicated at Kevin Space Vienna
“Amazing Girls / It’s Complicated” at Kevin Space

Amazing girls / It’s complicated proposes the relationship of the body to society as an erotic one, where desire however is both gratified and unfulfilled.

16. Jun 2017
Premiere N.A.R.C. Gamebae Kassett Remix on Inscape
Premiere: N.A.R.C “Game Bae (Kassett Remix)”

The release’s premiere of Kassett’s remix of N.A.R.C.’s track “Game Bae” is featured by PW-Magazine. We think it’s absolutely worth listening to.

14. Jun 2017
To figure it out at Sophie Tappeiner
“To Figure It Out” at Sophie Tappeiner

The exhibition “To figure it out” at Sophie Tappeiner is a reflexive entity within a dynamic structure whose contours are to be conceived of organically.

11. Jun 2017
Global Comprehension of the World Through Music: OKO DJ

Misonica in conversation with Marine Tordjmann who restlessly involves her skills under the name of OKO DJ in the French electronic underground music scene.

09. Jun 2017
Utopia 3000
Utopia 3000 und die Sehnsucht nach dem Nicht-Ort

Utopia 3000 ist ein Format, das den Club als Stätte soziopolitischer und konzeptueller Erweiterung und Veränderung aufzeigen möchte.

08. Jun 2017
Constanze Schweiger at New Jörg
Constanze Schweiger at New Jörg

The exhibition “Kurkuma, convey. Our limbs leave invisible pollen on the pages” by Constanze Schweiger took place at New Jörg from May 12 until 26, 2017.

04. Jun 2017
Paula Temple Photo: Karen Vandenberghe
On the Edge of Hierarchies: Paula Temple’s Futuristic Approach of Techno Music

In conversation with Hannah Christ, Paula Temple elaborates how Techno can be political and finds its path towards an inevitable egalitarian future.

24. Mai 2017
Hyperreality Festival
The Ultimate Guide to Hyperreality Festival

We guide you through the programme of Vienna’s new super-festival Hyperreality which open the doors to its unique festival location today, May 24.