Christian Glatz

Kassett by Thor Salden
Dig Deeper Into
The Sphere Of Kassett
22. Feb 2017

“I feel as a musician I’m a lot of things at the same time and I believe I can be a lot of different things.” – We met the Belgium-based producer Kassett.

Lady Mataya Waldenberg by Laura Schaeffer
Lady Matayas fantastischer Pfad aus der Düsternis
25. Jan 2017

Mataya Waldenberg aka Lady Mataya ist Performance-Künstlerin und Musikerin. Wir haben uns mit ihr über ihr neues Album und Fantasy unterhalten.

Vienna’s new Label AMEN Empowers Artists to Crush their Boundaries
23. Okt 2016

Community-based new label AMEN releases its first compilation. Read about the genesis of the Viennese label by visual artist Aleksandar Vucenovic.

club panamur
Club Panamur – Hybrides Musikprogramm in Graz
22. Sep 2016

Wir sprechen mit Norman Palm über die Hintergründe des „club panamur“ – ein temporärer Club-Ort im Rahmen des Festivals „steirischer herbst“.

London Crew Siren Defy Sexism in Dance Music
20. Jul 2016

Siren preach equity before equality, support female producers and organize partys following a safe space policy. We asked for tools against discrimination.

Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron’s Guide to Alex Cameron
09. Jul 2016

If you want to interview artist Alex Cameron, better check his website before. We did and found a comprehensive ragbag of opinions on everything.

Lighthouse Festival
Wien will Meer – das Lighthouse Festival 2016
09. Jun 2016

Das PW-Magazine hat ein paar schwelgerische Urlaubserinnerungen vom diesjährigen Lighthouse Festival in Kroatien mitgebracht.

Antoine93 About Pop and How to Release Music
25. Mai 2016

The Canadian DIY-pop artist Antoine93 performed live in Vienna in 2015. We chatted about pop music, his hometown Montreal and his last releases.