Essential Your Weekly Essentials January 1 - 7

Your Weekly Essentials: January 1 – 7

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Essential Your Weekly Essentials January 1 - 7
CYBORG EUROPA (silence is reaching earth) - Episode 4.

Where to go and what to do – in its weekly advisor to subcultural life, PW-Magazine selected the essential events not to miss in Vienna!

Monday – January 1 until Wednesday – January 3

Recover yourself.

Thursday – January 4

#MUSIC Nacht.Schicht
Italy’s Shinoby, Ramona, Erdball, and Steffi G. will DJ at Elektro Gönner.

Friday – January 5

#MUSIC Katalysator
Goldgelb Records will celebrate the release of Kobermann’s new tape at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC In Dada Social
Same, same, but different: Amblio, Antonia XM, Katana, KoiFin, and Sarka will play at celeste.

#MUSIC Nodrama
Better be prepared for this one: The party series‘ second edition moves to Club Massiv and presents the DJs Ramona, Nino Stelzl, Exakt, and Gusch.

Saturday – January 6

#MUSIC Disorder
Rosa Nebel, Tim Tama, Aeolic, Ernst August Greafe, Welia, and Paul Uhlmann will perform at Das Werk.

Sunday – January 7

#ART CYBORG EUROPA (silence is reaching earth)
Attend from anywhere: The fourth and final episode of Diana Barbosa Gil’s and Anna-Sofie Lugmeier’s web series “Cyborg Europa” will be published.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until January 10 Katja Strunz at Krobath
until January 12 Martin Hotter at Vin Vin
until January 14 Specular Windows at 21er Haus
until January 27 Jürgen Klauke at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK