Your Weekly Essentials:
October 30 – November 5

Essentials By
The Future of Demonstration: (left) Thomas Feuerstein, PROMETHEUS DELIVERED, 2017. (right) Errol Shaker in Phosphorus Mirabilis IV (Filmstill), Kaiser, Loh, Schoetz, Simon 2016.

Where to go and what to do – in its weekly advisor to subcultural life, PW-Magazine selected the essential events not to miss in Vienna!

Monday – October 30

#MUSIC Taaloga Ma Le Afi
Sama Recordings presents Medallion Man, Malissa, and Ambient Animal at Super Unusual Beings.

Tuesday – October 31

#ART The Future of Demonstration
Kick-off of the art series which engages with the transformation towards post-global ecologies and societies at Reaktor.

#MUSIC Anlass Feier
Fingers of God, Jay Smoo, Whitest Arab Alive, Shit Vicious, Dj Angst vor der ÖVP, Fiellippe, Simoncello, and L.A. Confidential will DJ at celeste.

#MUSIC Mutter
This isn’t a halloween party: Meat Market presents 7 Citizens, Gerald VDH, and Bort at Sass.

#MUSIC Strom Club
This is a halloween party: Young Marco, Cher Monsieur, and many DJs will play at Grelle Forelle.

Wednesday – November 1

#MUSIC Black Lips
The American garage rock band as well as the Vienna-based band Thirsty Eyes will play at Flex.

#MUSIC One Night With Hannah & Schirin
Elin, Nino Stelzl, Roman Schöny, and the above mentioned DJ duo will play at Super Unusual Beings.

Thursday – November 2

#ART Hatschepsut Huss
Opening of the artist’s exhibition at SSTR6.

#MUSIC Sägezahn
Sägezahn is series curated by Samuel Schaab & Jacob Suske for unusual music, performance and fragments of text happening: Umbra, Karl Salzmann, and Magdalena Chowaniec will perform at Schauspielhaus Wien.

#MUSIC Eternal Laser
The bands The World and Friends of Gas will play at Venster 99.

Friday – November 3

#ART I’ve still got it but do I want it
Opening of the exhibition with works by Sylvie Fleury, Karen Kilimnik, Neil Haas, and Jenny Holzer at D.E.L.F.

#ART Without meeting face to face
Opening of the exhibition by Kristin Weissenberger at Mz. Baltazars Laboratory.

#MUSIC Elektroland Party
Philipp Quehenberger, Binär, Erdem Tunakan, Peter Czak, Christopher Schweiger, and I-Bot will play at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Better Days
Australian radio host and selector Lauren Hansom will DJ at celeste.

#MUSIC Canyoudigit
Don’t miss Iamddb’s show at Camera Club. She will be supported by Tonica Hunter, Prokobeats and the Callboyz.

Saturday – November 4

#ART The Future of Demonstration
Synthetic Future Islands and the Tragedy of Outer Space. Episode 3 of The Future Of Demonstration at Reaktor.

#MUSIC Reduce Speed Now
Opening of the exhibition by Daniel Knorr at Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder.

#MUSIC Paradiso
Marc Graebnor, Tobias, Macello, and Kalifornia will spin records at celeste.

#ART Funkroom
True legend DJ Overdose will play at Grelle Forelle.

Sunday – November 5

#ART Cyborg Europa
The Vienna-based artists Diana Barbosa Gil & Anna-Sofie Lugmeier will premiere the new movie online.

#ART Beinahe in letzter Minute
It’s the last opportunity to visit the exhibitions by Nicole Eisenman, Toni Schmale, and Chadwick Rantanen at Vienna Secession.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until November 5 Nicole Eisenman, Toni Schmale, and Chadwick Rantanen at Vienna Secession
until November 19 Tidalectics at TBA21
until December 10 Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme at Kevin Space
until January 14, 2018 Specular Windows at 21er Haus