The Ultimate Guide to steirischer herbst

The Ultimate Guide to steirischer herbst

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The Ultimate Guide to steirischer herbst
Posters of fifty year's of steirischer herbst. Copyrights: Günter Waldorf, herms FRITZ, Fotogruppe Puchwerke mit Gruppe pool (Haberl, Kriesche, Neubacher), Peter Philipp, Lies Verheyen, Karl Neubacher, Andreas Siekmann, Arnulf Rainer, Ecke Bonk, Willy Puchner (Pinguin-Design, anaplus), Horst Gerhard Haberl, Jörg Schlick, Michael Schuster, buero8, Atelier Neubacher

We guide you through the programme of steirischer herbst which is taking place for the fiftieth time in Graz from September 22 until October 15, 2017.

Where exactly do we stand? What led to this present? And what instruments will we use to define our place in the world and the roads we follow in future? Or: “Where Are We Now?” –  These are the major questions asked by this year’s festival about the way art and society see their position. At first glance, the festival booklet seems irrepressible. To provide you with a better overview, we selected 6 must-go events:

Mette Ingvartsen

The Ultimate Guide to steirischer herbst
Mette Ingvartsen, to come (extended). Photo by Jens Sethzman

“Opening steirischer herbst, the acclaimed choreographer Mette Ingvartsen experiments with sensual, erotic and social body languages. She extends pleasurable and joyful situations until they culminate in a celebration with all participants. A choreography that both captivates and stimulates.”

Dope Saint Jude / Mobilegirl

“Breaking with all categories, two musicians kick off the first weekend of the herbst festival. DJ Mobilegirl translates the secret language of cult rapper Dope Saint Jude into everything that gets the muscles twitching.”

Prometheus Unbound

The Ultimate Guide to steirischer herbst
Promentheus Unbound. Photo: Sujet Prometheus Unbound, Ohne Titel, 2017

“Who was Prometheus and what does his liberation have to do with reorientation in the modern-day chaos of world views? In their works for this year’s herbst exhibition, artists explore Eurocentric thinking and invite the audience to open their eyes to new parameters of thought when they look at the world.”

Florentina Holzinger

The Ultimate Guide to steirischer herbst
Florentina Holzinger, Apollon Musagète. Photo by Josefin Arnell

“How do circus variety and ballet fit together? Florentina Holzinger answers this question with virtuoso physicality and a provocative search for the perfect woman.”

Tianzhuo Chen

The Ultimate Guide to steirischer herbst
Tianzhuo Chen. An Atypical Brain Damage Photo by Tianzhuo Chen

“Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen combines quotations from pop, folklore and commerce to create a global snapshot between kitsch and apocalypse. A live stream of consciousness in the rhythm of music.”

Karma She / Mechatok

“Orient and Occident, transcendence and trance are the perfect ingredients for a flamboyant finale of steirischer herbst 2017, when the energy level once again spirals to undreamed-of heights thanks to the bewitching Karma She from Israel and Munich-based DJ Mechatok.”