Rebound Lounge Double Dancer

Rebound Lounge – A Venture To Weave Sport Sound Aesthetics Into House Music

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Rebound Lounge Double Dancer
Rebound Lounge Double Dancer

We took a closer look at the newly founded Rebound Lounge imprint that aims to familiarize you with basketball style on a musical level. On this occasion Florian Stöffelbauer talked to Double Dancer who started the label with DJ Dog aka DJ Fett Burger last year.

With your first release on Rebound Lounge you invented a new genre, basketball house. Can you explain the genre to musical amateurs?

Hello amateurs! It is a form of house music that more or less implements sounds from the basketball world. Sometimes it is pretty subtle deep in the mix, sometimes it is not so subtle. It truly must be heard to be believed.

Did you have the idea for applying basketball elements to music before you used basketball aesthetics in the logo and the name or vice versa?

It initially started as something else. We were gonna make a short tool track for another one of my labels. This was the first studio session we ever did together and my first time back in a studio setting in many years. After putting in a basketball sound just for fun we thought “Hey this is cool we can do something more here. There are lots more to explore.” So we scrapped the initial base (that was techno) and went full on with more basketball sounds from the second session on. After that, it escalated pretty quickly with 5 more tracks, a new label/project idea, and the whole basketball aesthetics to go along with it. It was a true eureka moment when it all came together and such a fun project to work on. If you are gonna go for it you better go all in and make a full package out of it.

How often have you experienced such a eureka moment before in your musical career? This must be something really special!

This was the first time in my relatively short career.

Will you remain true to the genre when planning further releases?

Yeah that is the goal. To keep it real for the ballers and rejuvenate the scene even more release after release.

It seems you are about to start a whole new movement. Are you witnessing a growing scene of basketball house heads already?

[laughs] Not sure about that yet. But people seem to be really into it which is a nice feeling. But who knows how long it will last. Maybe cricket house is all the rage next year.

Photo by Rebound Lounge
Rebound Lounge Double Dancer
Rebound Lounge Double Dancer

Is it only going to be music from Double Dancer and DJ Dog on the label?

For now yes. But if someone sends us some badass basketball tracks, we would not rule it out completely.

Can you give us a hint on the second release already?

There is a Rebound Lounge Vol.2 in the works so we are definitely continuing this project.

Apart from Rebound Lounge, what are individual release plans for Double Dancer and DJ Dog?

We just completed two weird DD&DJD remixes for Chmmr that will be out on Prins Thomas’s Full Pupp label – god knows when. DJ Dog also remixed Jayda G on Geography Records and Furious Frank for Butter Sessions that both should be out now.

For Untz Untz there is a new Skatebård & Stiletti Ana EP ready.

What do you think important correlations of sports and music could be?

There are many strong connections there. The stamina to keep doing the same thing repeatedly in order to perfect it, explore and play around with it. And the whole rhythm of it. Music is also used by many athletes during training or to get pumped up before a game. Or sports used by musicians to keep some sanity in their crazy lives.

Basketball is seen as a sport connected mostly to hip-hop, but when the NBA titles are won there has to be an untapped market for basketball house for the after-party, we believe. So yeah…get in touch guys!

There is some Rebound Lounge merch out there. How can your fans get their hands on it, if they are not in Berlin?

There are a few t-shirts left at the Sound Metaphors record store in Berlin. Only at the store as they don’t have an online shop. Sorry for making it easy for you! We’ll definitely do another run of them and try to make it more available. It’s just me being too lazy to ship them out myself and giving away to too many to my friends. A Rebound Lounge merch assistant is needed!