Drangsal’s Lead Singer Max Gruber Mugged by Luca Fuchs

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The city’s show­stoppers
Face first into poppers
On the other side: The rockers
But we know I cannot roll with them
Make some rumpus now!
The one and only answer
Shoot every petty dancer
Now! Now! Now!
Mercy killings ­ the last solution
I interrupt each execution:
„Please cut off my head, Sir
So I’ll never have to think of her“
A griot­riot, a revolution
To stop emotional pollution
And shoot every petty dancer
Now! Now! Now!

Hinterkaifeck, Max Gruber, Drangsal (2015)
Der Track erscheint auf Harieschaim (22.04.2016 via Caroline International).

Photos by Luca Fuchs