Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

“Food is a DJ” – Enter Easter’s Brain

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Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

PW-Magazine met Easter’s Stine and Max at one of their favourite spots in Vienna – the exotic supermarket and snack bar Prosi – to feast, chat and shoot photos in their natural environment.

There seems to be a special connection between Austrian’s capital and Berlin-based two-piece band Easter, who visited Vienna three times in one year. First, to perform a sold out show at the metro space Club U, supported by the local sound-philosopher A Human Something. In December 2015 Stine and Max returned to takeover Vienna, while they were presenting their online series ‘Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me’, played a set for POMERANZE RADIO and completed the visit by playing a super intimate live show on top of Opera Club’s bar table.

This time we met Stine and Max at one of their favourite spots in Vienna – the exotic supermarket and snack bar Prosi – to feast, chat and take some photos in their natural environment. Afterwards Easter headed on to Krems to play at Donaufestival.

Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

We met at Prosi, you two first met at a noodle restaurant, you’re singing about Fungi, name your album New Cuisine and manage a corn Instagram account… Food seems to be a great influence on you and your work.

Stine Omar: This is true. I have a raging hunger – almost always. It‘s hard for me to sit down and write without not being disturbed by thoughts about food, and sometimes I don’t even notice how I end up inside the fridge. So maybe instead of seeing this as something problematic, I’m trying to use it.

Max Boss: Good food can teach you to live in the moment. I spent 20 years gorging food as fast as I could, out of some kind of survival instinct. It took a while to look past the sensation of a stuffed mouth, postprandial somnolence, the urge to finish resources and to pay attention to what’s happening.

SO: Food is omnipresent, food is good luck, food is life, food is love, food is a DJ.

MB: There’s the headline of the interview.

Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

To what extent do you separate Easter and your private personality?

MB: LOL, I have an addition to to the food question: Add the noodles to hot water, add the first seasoning and second sauce packs and you have a snack that’s a meal.

Could be the description of a pack of noodles or some of your lyrics.

MB: A pack of noodles holds truth and health. Staying in the sun long enough or having a bowl of noodles will cure every disease.

But coming back to the question: Easter has become the channel for whatever happens when we are together. I would say the states in which we are most intimate and most exposed get more and more alike.

SO: Max just picked up the tennis racket. Yeah, Max, that’s a good answer. Easter is good work.

Work, but not life?

SO: Food is life, remember.

MB: (Stine pours another vino verde)

Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

You are quite active with online performances. Most frequently with social media postings, you got an own ask and answer tool on your website, and poll via twitter, where your followers can, for instance, decide whether you should start to watch Game of Thrones or not. Is it a way to fulfill a kind of voyeurism of people?

SO: We were just really lost in the question if we should watch GOT or not, and then Max remembered the poll function on twitter. I think after having been the ones giving the answers the last years via our ask us anything, its nice to be able to ask back. Give and take.

MB: I think they are a funny mix of seemingly irrelevant questions that still have some real life consequences. Now we got 8 seasons ahead of us.

To me it seems like a kind of online game, where you give people the possibility to, or at least make them think, they have the power to control your life. How far do you think it will go?

MB: (correction: 6 seasons GOT)

SO: We run all questions through our manager Liza, she won’t let it go too far. She combs our hair, we sleep at her feet.

MB: That’s right. Those polls are normally about, What should be our next single?” Next week we might ask which Easter member is hotter.

What answer do you expect on that question?

MB: We only ask, when we don’t know the answer. (picks up racket)

Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

While you were visiting the quaint, idyllic town of Krems in Upper Austria between the Danube and wine hills to play at Donaufestival, you shot a video for your upcoming track. That’s not a location you would connect the avant-garde Großstadt kids Easter with.

SO: Krems was very sweet. The wine hills were good to us. Max got naked for the Danube. We are not sure if we’re gonna use the shots yet but theres definitely some gold. But what do you mean? I think most of our music videos have been shot in rural places.

MB: Since we might not use them, maybe we shouldn’t get too deep. Naked in the danube is tease enough, LOL.

How do you choose the set up for the respective videos? Is there a link?

SO: Yes, they go together like pølse and lompe, like a soy sausage and a Norwegian potato-wrap.

MB: Rice and curry.

Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

This brings me to another passion of yours: Movies. In addition to your music output you also produced a series called ‘Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me’ – an essay film that seems to capture your dreams. Up until now the series comprises three episodes: how would you describe what is happening in these one and a half hours?

MB: Four episodes.

SO: I’m fighting not to copy the synopsis from imdb.

MB: It is a lo-fi soap opera, a serial horror drama. The story of two people in constant transition. A mix of everyday life footage and tightly scripted.

SO: The spicy astronaut!

How did you get the material? Did you take the footage before you even planned to make a series out of it?

MB: We had made short films and music video with those camcorders before and it was always a very easy process. After our last release and all the videos we really felt the need for something fun and quick and easy, so we started by using all the shots we already had from previous years and continued the story with scripted episodes. It grew into a big project.

SO: Both. Every other. Really like Max said before, a mix of everyday life footage and tightly scripted. But for now, we’re taking it easy on that sadness. Music calls, plus Max sold all that 80s gear. Eats nachos.

Where can it be watched?

SO: We’re working on touring it now, getting it into film festivals, etc. People have to stay tuned or hook us up with their local cinema. Planned so far is a screening in Moscow in June and Copenhagen in July. We will eventually release it online in 2017.

Easter by Alicia Pawelczak

You’re about to release a new album called New Cuisine Pt. 2. Is it directly linked to the previous one?

SO: Maybe not as directly linked as nachos and guacamole, but like beans and sweet potato, dumplings and seaweed and noone even knows how we roll!

MB: Some songs happen to refer to their counterparts on NC1. Both volumes are supposed to form a unit.

The release show will take place on the 5th of June at Volksbühne. Will there be a tour afterwards?

SO: We’re going to Russia. Then we’re going to a residency in Paris to cook up some more.

What menu do you have in mind?

SO: Lets see what the french wind blows.

Thanks for the chat! We’re excited what you’ll serve!

Easter by Alicia Pawelczak