A Glimpse of Vienna: Kobermann

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‘A Glimpse Of Vienna’ is a new podcast series that aims to highlight the thriving vinyl selectors scene in the Austrian capital.

In the third installment of ‘A Glimpse Of Vienna’, no less than Kobermann – the man behind Grelle Forelle and Ascending Waves – left us with what’s probably our most intense recording yet. This 64-minute mix draws you in with a deeply hypnotic and atmospheric intro, before diving headfirst into slomo techno action. Focusing on industrial, drone and acid sounds, the set continuously increases its bpm and darkens its sound spectrum, before rapidly releasing the built-up tension with a sudden twist back to a more ambient style. All in, we’re pretty sure this podcast manages to capture the special kind of atmosphere you’d normally only experience at one of Kobermann’s live sets.


Having been in the game for almost ten years, Kobermann was a key figure in shaping the Viennese music landscape and continues to be a driving force in the city’s underground. Those who want to experience his recent work should keep an eye on what’s happening at Spittelau’s Grelle Forelle, along with smaller venues like Rhiz and Elektro Gönner. On that note, be aware of the next Ascending Waves party, featuring a very special guest to be announced alongside the release of Grelle Forelle’s new season dates.

Text by Florian Stöffelbauer
Photo by Veronique Giroud