Tek Mater at Grelle Forelle Ab in die Cloud! – über die Tekno-Oper TEK MATER 15. Dez 2017 - MONSTERFRAU & Crystal Distortion vereinten Tekno und Storytelling zu einem Science-Fiction Musiktheaterstück, das zum Tanzen animiert.
Solaris & Stanley Schmidt by Mihaly Podobni Aufbau Ost: A Talk with Solaris and Stanley Schmidt 13. Dez 2017 - We talked to Solaris and Stanley Schmidt about cultural life in Leipzig and their various projects from Institut fuer Zukunft to the new joint venture PH17.
Essential Your Weekly Essentials December 11 - 17 Your Weekly Essentials: December 11 – 17 11. Dez 2017 - Where to go and what to do – in its weekly advisor to subcultural life, PW-Magazine selected the essential events not to miss in Vienna!

On View

Karoline Dausien at New Jörg Karoline Dausien “Hanau” at New Jörg 12. Dez 2017 - In her exhibition at artist-run space New Jörg, Karoline Dausien presented new artworks in the form of sutile wall objects.
Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme at Kevin Space Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme at Kevin Space 07. Dez 2017 - Kevin Space presents the first solo exhibition of Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou–Rahme in Austria: “We know what it is for / We who have used it”.
Edin Zenun & William Knaack “Softer” at Kunstraum Super Edin Zenun & William Knaack “Softer” at Kunstraum Super 06. Dez 2017 - At the space of Kunstraum Super, the paintings from Edin Zenun and William Knaack's cooperation were connected by a wall painting for the first time.

Most Popular

Ciarra Black Ciarra Black: Techno Experimentalism and DIY Community Building 01. Dez 2017 - Ciarra Black talks about her musical evolution, her approach to live sets and the community of artists that has formed around the No-Tech label and parties.
Premiere Mapalma Nightcap Ashida Park Premiere: Mapalma “Bakar” on Ashida Park 17. Nov 2017 - PW-Magazine features the premiere of the track “Bakar” by Mapalma on Vienna-based label Ashida Park. We think it's absolutely worth listening to.
Federico Prottos SS18 zwischen Mythos und Popkultur 16. Nov 2017 - Mit seiner Diplom-Kollektion gelingt dem jungen Designer Federico Protto die Symbiose von ländlichem Chic und städtischem Style. Wir haben ihn getroffen.