Jojo Gronostay Dead White Men's Clothes Jojo Gronostay präsentiert
„Dead White Men’s Clothes“
23. Apr 2017 - Wer definiert den Wert von Kleidung im jeweiligen Kontext? Diese und mehr Fragen stellt Jojo Gronostay mit seiner Modekollektion "Dead White Men's Clothes".
Luca Fuchs Davids Hand Watch Luca Fuchs’ Disturbing
Short Film ‘Davids Hand’
20. Apr 2017 - PW-Magazine premieres young photographer and film-maker Luca Fuchs’ first narrative short film ‘Davids Hand’ and talked to the director.
Signe Pierce Virtual Normality Galerie Nathalie Halgand Signe Pierce “Virtual Normality” at Galerie Nathalie Halgand 19. Apr 2017 - What defines “normal” in a culture seeped in new media and by new modes of power are to be explored in Signe Pierce’s solo exhibition “Virtual Normality”.
Your Weekly Essentials Your Weekly Essentials:
April 18 – 23
18. Apr 2017 - Where to go and what to do – in its weekly advisor to subcultural life, PW-Magazine selected the essential events not to miss in Vienna!